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Overose crafts unique hollow candles using natural raw materials and unique aromas.

Overose Reviews

Overose reviews


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5 reviews

5 months ago


Hard to get in Australia, therefore shipping cost is extremely high. Lovely and interesting fragrance candle.

3 years ago

When I first encountered the brand there weren't a lot of scents available. I didn't like much else except the Nudesse which smelled really good and has a nice throw -- strong but not overwhelming. The wax candle matching its container exactly also makes the candle feel extra premium. I'm excited to try out the other variants, and I'm glad they make fragrances now.

a year ago

so disappointed with what i've tried from this brand, still kicking myself even after buying it on a 50% discount during the holidays. i too was swayed by the hype of their 'croissant' candle from reading about it on into the gloss three years ago. i've lusted after it for a while and decided to bite the bullet, honestly i'm just glad i didn't waste money on two of the same scent. crossiant just smells faintly of bread it has ZERO projection even in a small room beside my bed i can't smell anything unless i put my entire nose inside the candle. i asked opinions from others to make sure it wasn't an issue with me to which i was was met with agreement and snickering that i would waste money on such a bad ~*luxe*~ candle. the other candle i bought from them was their 'almond croissant' it is miles ahead of the original if just because it's actually has projection, faint as it might be. also they deleted my review off their website even though i rated three stars, and gave them the benefit of the doubt that i maybe received a bad batch. do not believe the hype! NEVER AGAIN.

a year ago

I bought the croissant candle (amazing scent, bready, but not overly sweet) The scent is powerful and long lasting. I am a candle person and always have one burning, but usually can’t smell them unless I leave room and come back. I can smell this candle from the other room. So far the burn is even and slow. An expensive treat but we’ll worth it.

2 years ago

Beautiful candles, unique & decadent scents. Obsessed with Gaiasilk. Some of the others were too floral for my taste, but this was perfectly sexy and I adore the scent.


How to reuse the containers?! How to pop out the little wick holder and remaining wax?