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Our Projects creates plant-based personal care products and candles crafted to have a positive impact.

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Europe, U.K.
November 2020
December 2020
London, U.K.
Kate Wildblood
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About Our Projects
Our Projects makes scent collections designed to move with you. Combining the power of science and our olfactory sense. We create Mood Oils that stimulate your mind and mood at different stages of the day. Body and hair oils that help protect, replenish and nurture as you travel through pollution and harmful UV rays. And candles with scents blended to transport you to distant shores. All of our collections are housed in bioenergy glass which actively draws in the natural power of sunlight while filtering out its damaging rays, energising the organic molecules and ingredients inside. Our skincare collection is formulated to be 100% plant-based, toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Since launching in London we have travelled further afield to the crystal shores of Bali, opening our creative scent workshops in Bali. Welcoming people in to craft their own products with us based on their scent preferences and nourishment need. We started Our Projects to do good in the world, which is why we donate 20% of profits back to charities that support child poverty, animals welfare and plastic collection.
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