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Nurx offers affordable and personalized healthcare by connecting users with their medical team and then delivering treatment to the user's door.

Nurx Reviews

Nurx reviews


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7 reviews

2 years ago

I used Nurx for years to get my birth control delivered! It was quick and easy to set up.

9 months ago

I use Nurx for birth control and have on and off used them for skin (tretinon). It’s super convenient getting them in the mail and also cheap if you have insurance. I recently stopped using them after a year because I felt in my situation it was better to be seeing an OBGYN in person once a year and get them then. However if that isn’t something you feel you need or are interested in the skin care side of things they have great customer service and I never had any issues with them!

a year ago

Very, VERY thankful for Nurx making it so much easier to get birth control delivered each month. I would curse the monthly trips to CVS because the way my insurance billed, they would not allow me to get more than 1 month at a time. Nurx changed that for me and saved me so much time.

8 months ago

PLEASE AVOID AND CHOOSE ANOTHER SERVICE!!! I guarantee there are better options!! Dealing with them has been SUCH A HEADACHE. It takes forever to respond and I'm starting to think these responses are AI generated because they keep stating the same useless crap that lead nowhere. My pharmacy has been trying to get in touch with someone to get an approval for an alternative med that's covered by my insurance. (Btw they didn't even send the med I requested) I've been out of birth control for a month now. If I didn't pay the consult fee for the whole year I would absolutely cut ties right now... I might even regardless if this goes on.

10 months ago

Extremely slow shipping. Sent me my medication, but I did not receive it in the time I was told I would.

10 months ago

Influencer for Nurx

Intentionally wouldn’t respond to my request to cancel recurring prescription for three Days until my next recurring order went out already. Vultures that prey on busy people because the recurring prescription system is entirely sneaky to begin with