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Nood offers a collection of skincare products and at-home laser hair removal devices.

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Nood reviews


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4 months ago

Bought the hair removal with the exfoliate and aloe products. Price is good, have referred a few people who have had laser. It works well- admittedly, it shouldn’t. I’m a true blonde, and it apparently works better if you have dark hair. But it works. I found myself still shaving areas that didn’t want to cooperate- inside of thigh, creases, etc. Now, they have a secondary product that I will put on reviews as well called The Eraser. THIS is the product that will enhance the Nood effective rate 100%

9 months ago

I used this product after following the instructions diligently & saw no difference in hair loss. I used this product multiple times a week for what felt like months on end. I used it at the highest setting available. It takes a while for each "session". I feel like I wasted money & time on this, & was falsely led to believe a different outcome from all of the Instagram ads I saw.

9 months ago

My Nood definitely helped minimize hair but did not fully eliminate it. Pros: Reduced hair growth, painless, nothing extra needed after initial purchase (no special creams or refills, etc) Cons: Did not fully eliminate hair, manual suggests going over each area three times AND you need to shave first so the process is time consuming

10 months ago

Overall I enjoy the DIY aspect of hair removal. I have seen patches of hair not regrowing, as long as I stay consistent. Nood claims this to be completely painless, but I would equate the pain to snapping a rubber band on your skin. Not terrible, but slightly uncomfortable. I would really like some sort of cooling feature on this, as I can only do a few minutes worth on the highest setting before the device becomes too hot. Nood gets points for ease of use, compact easy to hold device and price compared to professional laser.

9 months ago

I was very excited when I first received this, and was using it consistently for about 4 weeks. I definitely noticed a decrease in leg hair over those weeks. As I grew less diligent, I noticed the results weren't lasting. I also was struggling to keep up shaving as much as was required due to skin irritation from the razor. I am hoping that ,should I go back to regular use as the instructions prescribe, it will actually work out long term. I found it very time consuming and hard to keep up with for that reason.

7 months ago

I used the Nood as instructed twice a week for 9 weeks. I was supposed to see strong results by the end of week 8. You're supposed to go over each section of skin 3 times per use, so it would take me about 2 hours total per session to go over all of the areas where I wanted to remove hair, with most of that being focused on legs. This doesn't include the time it took to shave before using Nood. I have dark hair and light skin, so theoretically I'm an ideal person to use IPL devices. First, the pros. I did see thinning in my leg hair and slower growth by the end of week 8. The device was easy to use, not painful, and they have a 90 day no questions asked return policy that they did honor (though we had to fight to get it honored). There are more cons. While I did see thinning in my leg hair, there was still a ton left, and I didn't notice any thinning in other areas by the end of week 8. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if the device didn't take FOUR HOURS A WEEK to use, for 2 months! That's like a part time job! For context, I switched to a different IPL device from a brand that's been around for a long time after I got the refund, and it takes 1 hour a week to do the exact same thing, because for that one you only need to use it once per week and go over each area 1 time instead of 3 times. The pause between flashes is also pretty slow on the Nood compared to other devices, drawing out the process even longer. Furthermore, as mentioned above, we had to reach out to customer service in order to get them to actually issue our refund after we returned the device within the 90 day return window, and they refused to send a link so that I could submit a review on their website, which reads as sketchy to me. Any brand that only wants reviews from people who have just started using their device is an unreputable brand in my book. If you look on their site, you'll notice that the reviews are all from people who just started using it, meaning it's impossible to know if it actually worked without looking up reviews from other sources. Nood is on the cheap end of IPL devices, but that's because it doesn't work well and takes forever to use. Do yourself a favor and spend about $150 more on a device from a brand that's trusted so that you can see significant results and spend way less of your life on it.