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Nivea makes a variety of skincare products.

Nivea  Reviews

Nivea reviews


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5 reviews

2 months ago

I don't normally use body lotion, but I needed this during the winter when my hands were ultra dry from washing them constantly. I like the cocoa butter scent in the one I've tried because it's somewhat sweet and not overpowering.

6 months ago

Nivea face was, face scrub, and after shave lotion are all affordable effective, and widely available options for men’s skincare routines. I like the facial scrub in particular. Their crown jewel is the Nivea creme. If is a powerful and efficient moisturizer that doubles as a hand cream. It smells medicinal like a barbershop and I personally love that scent. It comes in a very resuable glass jar.

2 months ago

I’ve been using this product for years. It is very good for adding moisture to my extra dry skin. I also use it on my bald head, which tends to run dry as well.

7 months ago

I like these lip balms, they stay on my lips longer than most products I have used in the past. Plus I like the vanilla flavor and it keeps my lips very soft. The watermelon, blackberry and cherry don't seem to stay on my lips as long as the vanilla buttercream and moisture, but I love the flavors, especially the blackberry. The blackberry has a darker tint, and the watermelon and cherry have a pinkish tint to them.