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Nature of Things sells body care products made from plants, minerals, and elements of the earth.

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a year ago

NoT provides a new angle to self-care and beauty while providing great results in a luxurious way. NoT walked so SKKN could run (NoT is wayyy better though)

a year ago

I added Nature of Things cleansing scalp and body polish to my skincare routine a few months ago. I was originally drawn to their modern and minimalist packaging. What can I say, I’m a sucker for form and function! I like the smell, reminds me of geranium and pine.


The only thing that would Make this better would be a little more “grit” to really get the exfoliating effect on your scalp.

7 months ago

Received a free product from Nature of Things

I've had the immense pleasure of trying a few of their products. Everything is just SO FREAKIN LUXURIOUS. Definitely a special-occasion splurge for me—especially the bath soaks, which cost a ton—but I can't be mad about it. Feels like going to the spa.