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3 months ago

Received a free product from More Labs

I've tried the morning recovery from this brand, and it works really well. I didn't feel sick at all the next day when I took this after I was done drinking the same night. These are very expensive though, so I would only use it for a particularly exciting event.

morning recovery

6 months ago

these are amazing and worth the higher price point. the liquid focus works immediately and at a high level. no jitters or feeling bad afterwards. I use the morning recovery for occasions when I have a headache. Amazon subscribe and save is a good way to save a few bucks on these. these have my highest possible recommendation!

liquid focusmorning recovery

a year ago

Tastes pretty awful but overall the morning recovery did seem to really help minimize or prevent hangovers, which is something I can definitely get over sub-par taste for.

3 years ago

I love this brand. I started out using Morning Recovery. I love to drink, but occasionally I'm overserved. These days my hangovers are relentless, lasting two, sometimes three days. Morning Recovery has saved my @ss many times. Always keep some on hand, and share it with friends. because I believe in it so much. Liquid Focus... ahhh... when I'm feeling scattered, or when I have to be super articulate or 100% badass and on my game (as in a job interview) I take this elixir. Not only does it help me focus, but I get more creative without feeling buzzy or jittery. I'm super sensitive to caffeine and this does the trick without putting me on the ceiling.


It's a little expensive, but when I think: Wow... what would I pay NOT to have this hangover, it's in the hundreds of dollars. They are constantly working on improving the flavor and formulations which taste great - not bitter or overly sweet.

3 years ago

Early user

The taste was pretty good. It definitely works for me. I felt much better after taking their flagship product, Morning Recovery for hangovers. It's also pretty fun since you can mix the drink in with other alcohols just as long as you remember to take it before your night ends. I don't think this can solve your hangover 100% but I definitely felt significantly better using it than not.


It could be confusing at first because you need to figure out when you're suppose to take the drink - for the record, its NOT in the morning because you'll already be hungover then. I think it also differs based on how your body absorbs the ingredients; but that's like a lot of other nootropics too.