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David Chang's restaurant brand Momofuku sells direct-to-consumer condiments like flavored salt and more.

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October 2020
David Chang
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I have the savory/tingly/spicy salt kit and it's really delicious. I love marinating tofu in the tingly salt with some soy sauce and sesame oil and air frying. The savory salt is also great on fried rice/cauliflower rice and I wish I had a tub of it in my kitchen. This is a godsend for lazy cooks who prefer well-seasoned food.


The salt can get a little clumpy after 3 months.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityWorth the money πŸ’ΈTasty πŸ˜‹
5 months ago

Forget "add salt and pepper to taste" - The savory seasoned salt has completely changed the game for me. I season everything with it! Tingly and spicy are great too.

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁High qualityTasty πŸ˜‹
6 months ago

These are absolutely delicious. The only spices you’ll ever need (if you’re a minimalist). I would recommend them to anyone. We accidentally left Tingly (yes, we travel with them) in Puerto Rico and I’m super bummed about it.

6 months ago

Big fan of the tamari and shoyu soy sauces!

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money πŸ’ΈTasty πŸ˜‹
9 months ago