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M.Gemi sells handmade, Italian men's and women's shoes.


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5 months ago

Quality lacks and returns are difficult. I've owned a pair of shoes that I loved from them, but have generally had poor experiences with quality. When I've ordered, their policies have left me with unwanted store credit.

2 years ago

I've only tried the 90mm classic black heel so this review is for that shoe only. It's very high quality - not heavy while feeling sturdy. Good for narrow feet. Doesn't pinch my toes. Overall, good price to quality ratio.

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a year ago

M.GEMI is expensive for myself and most of the people I know personally. That being said the quality of their products far outweighs what they cost. I have spent a small fortune on their products and will continue to do so because they have and will continue to stand the test of time.


Despite what any European shoe conversion chart tells you, seriously consider getting at least half a size larger than what they say on the chart. I agonized over the decision to go up half a size (seriously, for about two hours). Thankfully, I took my own advice and my shoes fit perfectly.

2 years ago

M. Gemi offers handmade Italian shoes at affordable prices (relatively speaking). And if you're looking for something dressier than sneakers for a decent price, M. Gemi's Felize Mules are really great! They are super comfy and easy to take on and off as well. However, I've tried other shoes from M. Gemi, including sneakers, and not found them as comfortable or great and returned them, so not sure if I'm a huge fan of the brand overall, but I'm definitely a fan of my Felize Mules.