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Magnetic Me makes a line of easy-to-dress baby clothing featuring magnetic closures.

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19 days ago

Their clothes are pretty good, seem to fade easily and I’m not sure how many children they will last through because the fabric is pretty thin. The magnetic closures are the thing that makes these great. I have to say though I reached out to them to make an exchange and no one ever responded :(

6 months ago

We use these pajamas exclusively for our 14 month old, starting from when she was around 6 months. They are easy to get on and off, nice soft material, and stay put on her. I do wish there was an easy way to check her diaper, so that's my one feature wish

10 months ago

I would recommend this to all parents out there! It is easy to button up with magnet especially when the baby is in their rolling phrase. I love the pattern too. A bit pricy but good for gifts!!

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a year ago

We LOVE this brand. It’s the ultimate comfort, style, and ease for little ones. We bought them newborn to 24 months for our first (some neutral and girly) and now looking into them for our newborn arriving soon. It’s our default gift to parents welcoming a newborn!

7 months ago

We love these! We received some hand me downs when my son was 6 months and we got hooked! We have bought more. They are handy for diaper changes

6 months ago

I have made sure I’ve had at least one pair of these pajamas for each size phase for my baby. They are so easy to get on which may seem a little unnecessary but they really are so nice to have when you are trying to get a fussy baby to bed. If your baby is in that I-hate-changing phase then these are a life saver for cutting down time