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Lupii makes vegan protein bars with unique flavors and healthy ingredients.

Lupii Reviews

Lupii reviews


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17 reviews

2 months ago

Protein bars - sadly I did not like the flavor or texture. They weren't really sweet and almost dry? Their mission is cool but with so many protein bars on the market these are not it for me. Open to trying the pasta though!

4 months ago

Lupini beans are the plant protein I didn’t know I needed in my life!

2 years ago

Great packaging but the product itself falls short. I had the Peanut Butter and Cacao nibs and didn't love the taste or texture. The standout flavor was that of dates, which I don't mind but was expecting more of the cacao / peanut butter.

3 years ago

I do like their mission and approach to food, however, the bars don't do it for me due to taste. I didn't like any of them. While I do love lupini beans and think they're a unique combination of fiber and protein that fulfills a lot of dietary patterns (including Keto), I don't think the combination of ingredients to make a sweet bar with is a good one.


Instead of sweet taste and flavor profile, I would suggest to go down the savory route with herbs and spices and it would actually be a better product.

8 months ago


While I'm not a gluten-free or vegan person, I have been so impressed at how they've expanded from bars to pasta with great nutritional value and taste!

2 years ago

I really enjoy the cinnamon raisin and the lemon tahini flavors. The cinnamon raisin reminds me of a healthy cookie. Love the short ingredient list and macros. They have more texture than a typical bar but they've become a regular snack for me.

3 years ago

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Love the product platform.


A little high in sugar (even though from dates) for me.

3 years ago

I had the green packaged bar, and it was not tasty or great texture. It did keep me full though, but I am often satisfied by bars.


Great packaging and my first encounter with lupini beans. I would try a different flavor.