LL Bean

4.8 111 Reviews

LL Bean sells a wide range of outdoor apparel, footwear, bags, and home goods.

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LL Bean Reviews

LL Bean reviews

Reviews mention

  • High-quality durable products
  • Versatile, classic designs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Long-lasting boots and bags
  • Inconsistent clothing durability
  • Questionable slipper durability
  • Discontinued lifetime replacement
  • Slow return process

LL Bean is a respected brand known for its high-quality and durable products. A majority of customers praise the brand's boots and tote bags, with particular emphasis on the Bean Boots and Boat & Tote bags. The products are versatile and age well, proving their longevity over many years. The brand is also commended for its excellent customer service. However, some customers have found their products, particularly the clothing and slippers, to not last as long as expected. There is also a concern about the brand discontinuing their lifetime replacement policy.

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111 reviews

8 days ago

carrying around a boat and tote makes me feel like a rich 35 year old in the hamptons and i love it

16 hours ago

The LL Bean Boat & Tote will never, ever not be a staple. Versatile, affordable, durable, and truly just the best.

5 months ago

Classic brand with excellent quality items. I have the bean boots and they gave gotten me through some brutal midwestern winters. The traction is awesome for ice and heavy snow, and they keep my feet warm! Make sure to get the lined boots. Finally, they are sleek boots. Most other true winter boots are clunky and ugly.

4 months ago

I have the tote and for a product that's not super expensive it feels so high quality. Also, random but their flagship store in Maine is open 24 hours a day which is so fun and quirky. Especially in a post-pandemic world things like that are so few and far between. Makes me want to support them even more!

5 months ago

Recently purchased a tote, and their wool base layer line. So far, I love the quality. They deliver on their product promises, and I will be returning in the future.

4 months ago

I have many Boat & Tote bags and they just get better with age. So versatile and useful. Love my classic Bean Boots too for the winter days!

5 months ago

Decent products- bought the slippers on recommendation of Wirecutter. They are comfortable but weren’t very durable. Company replaced them for falling apart within a year but the second pair did the same. Pricing seems fair but heard they have strong viewpoints that don’t necessarily align with my own, so would rather frequent other manufacturers in the future.

5 months ago

We have had an L.L. Bean backpack in the family for over 25 years and take it on family vacation. It is in great shape and I am impressed by the quality.

5 months ago

Cant go wrong. Has and always will be a classic brand with quality products. I had their backpacks as a kid going to school and now use the Boat and Tote for my work bag. Everything holds up over time!

4 months ago

I thrift a lot of LL bean pieces and they are quality!! Worn and loved pieces that still have a lot of life in them.

5 months ago

I have had their backpack for 10 years, and even with DAILY use, it is still trucking on. The seams are loosening around the shoulders, but I am SHOCKED it has lasted this long. It's super roomy and holds several books and a large computer. My ONLY complaint is that it's not waterproof.

5 months ago

Top notch across the board. Quality, classic designs and amazing customer service.

5 months ago

i own so many ll bean items and have never been disappointed. any issues i have had always are easily resolved. i love my goat motif slippers the best!

5 months ago

The clothing quality is great. The styles fit my taste.

6 months ago

My daughter gifted me a cold weather vest for outdoor exercise. It’s a great weight, warm and is the perfect length to wear with leggings. The pockets are deep and zip, so no lost gloves!!