Lisa Says Gah

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LISA SAYS GAH creates quality fashion pieces focusing on an ethical design and production process.

Lisa Says Gah Reviews

Lisa Says Gah reviews


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5 reviews

3 months ago

I really want to like this brand because the branding and photography is so cute but it doesn’t fit well! The sizing is inconsistent and needs tailoring to work

3 months ago

Sizing seems to be all over the place in my experience, but the pieces are ADORABLE, and when I can find something that fits it's a win!!

4 months ago

Some of the most awful customer service I've encountered! I paid $98 for a skirt at the beginning of September and it got lost in the mail. I contacted support mid-September and they didn't reply until 2.5 weeks later for my redelivery. However since then, I still have not heard back- I don't know if the skirt is coming but I haven't received a refund either. Their customer support says they try to respond within 3-5 days but that is just not true- I'm lucky if I hear anything within 2 weeks. It shouldn't take me over two months to receive an item that I paid a high price for. Such a shame for an otherwise great and unique company!

a year ago

I really want to love this brand because it's sustainable and very cute, and a lot of sustainable brands are kind of boring. The issue is sizing for me. I've bought numerous things from Lisa Says Gah over the years and have returned about 90% of them. They either fit incredibly awkward, or are too small/too large compared to the sizing chart.

8 months ago

I find 80% of what they offer on the website to be heinous, but the remaining 20% is like specifically designed for me. I have ordered two of their Grace dresses from the in-house brand in different prints. Both are made of pretty flimsy fabric and have laughably bad pattern matchup at the seam. The first one is a really flattering fit that I love; the second I returned because somehow it fit completely differently. The quality really does not justify the price, but I never learn and will definitely risk it again. They could also improve on their size inclusivity. The returns process was really easy, they offer Happy Returns from PayPal. Also, I have used the preorder function when my desired style was sold out, I wish this was a feature more retailers used.