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Kolsvart makes a collection of Swedish licorice using pure, natural, and distinct flavors.

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About Kolsvart
Our story started a decade ago when we wanted to open the best café in our hometown of Malmö, Sweden. Our guests loved the coffee but the dream quickly became a financial nightmare. We were wandering in the dark and ironically, “kolsvart” means pitch black in Swedish. But out of the darkness a new dream was born. We took our passion for pure and natural flavors and created Kolsvart the confectionary company. It started with traditional Swedish licorice but quickly became so much more. Our ambition is to do the simple things best, which is always the hardest. We focus on finding the perfect balance between taste, purity and texture. We love to surprise our customers with new flavors and experiences. To do this we experiment and collaborate with artists and creatives who share this curiosity. There is always something new to discover at Kolsvart and we invite you to explore together with us.
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I am obsessed with the smoked licorice. It's intense and not for everyone, but that's what I love about it -- it's hardcore and different from anything else I've tried while still having that nostalgic licorice flavor, fun shape, and perfect soft chewiness.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋
a month ago

I LOVE THESE. They're so so so good. I especially love the raspberry and sour raspberry flavors. The texture is incredible, the flavor is great, and they feel nostalgic in their design.

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Tasty 😋Luxury
3 months ago

These are hands-down the best gummies I've ever had. All of the fruit flavors are phenomenal. Great texture and the flavor is just. Wow.


WARNING: The smoked licorice flavor is VERY meaty tasting. A few of my friends loved them. Myself and my wife absolutely hated the flavor. Very odd tasting, especially if your vegan or vegetarian. But probably just an acquired taste.

Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋Eco-friendly packaging
3 months ago

Beautiful packaging and lovely website. I enjoy the understated and simplistic approach to sweets.


I would love to find this in more New York specialty retailers. Great as gifts.

Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋
3 months ago