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KitchenAid makes a range of kitchen appliances and accessories.

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KitchenAid Reviews

KitchenAid reviews

Reviews mention

  • Highly durable products
  • Versatile kitchen appliances
  • Superior quality items
  • Reliable and powerful mixer
  • Bulky and heavy products
  • High cost of attachments
  • Quality issues with models
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

KitchenAid is a brand known for its durable, versatile, and high-quality appliances, particularly the stand mixer which is regarded as a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use tool, especially for baking. However, the brand has been criticized for the bulkiness and heaviness of its products, making them difficult to move and store. Additionally, there are complaints about the high cost of attachments, the quality of some models, and the customer service.

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212 reviews

7 days ago

Kitchen aide is great equipment would be nice if it was a little more affordable though.

a month ago

Works well and love the different attachments that you can get for the stand mixer. However, the price is on the higher end.

12 days ago

Addicted! Love our KitchenAid appliances and can't help but buy more, and more, attachments for our Standing Mixer! ♥️

16 days ago

I absolutely love my mixer. I have made so many delicious meals and desserts with it.

16 days ago

My mixer is amazing, it can handle a wide range of meal prep choices. Love it!

3 months ago

I mean I think a Kitchen Aid mixer has a pretty standard “good” rating across most households and users. Love that I no longer have to shred my own chicken, might be my favorite use

4 months ago

Can’t go wrong with kitchen aid products. Quality products that are well worth the money. You’ll have for your entire life.

5 months ago

These are the gold standard mixers for a reason. They work so well and they work forever. I'm very averse to kitchen tools (too much to clean up/not a great use of counter space) but our KitchenAid never disappoints, is easy to clean, and super handy.

3 months ago

One of the few lifelong kitchen products: a KitchenAid stand mixer. Doesn’t get better than that! I love my mixer and love giving them as gifts. Nothing can replace KitchenAid!

3 months ago

My mixer was gifted, but how my life has changed! I ended up buying some attachments to go with it, and making shredded carrots has never been easier. 10/10 recommend.

5 months ago

This brand is literally THE brand for stand mixers. Once you get the main one, they have lots of different attachments you can get for anything you might need. They're pretty expensive, but they last forever.

5 months ago

I love my mixer. A classic for a reason. Go look at Macys they have great sales for real.

5 months ago

I have the professional mixer, their food processor, and various tools (food thermometer, can opener, etc). I love all of their products. They have worked reliably for years, and I have believe they will last me years to come. Their products are beautiful, and have generational quality.

5 months ago

Love my kitchenaid mixer. I have a super cute light blue color that we got from my bridal shower. So classic

a month ago

KitchenAid offers a wide range of kitchen products such as appliances and accessories. KitchenAid products are well designed and durable for everyday kitchen needs. From fruit wedgers to mixers, KitchenAid is a must have product to stack in your kitchen. I have serval KitchenAid products that utilize myself on a daily basis. I love these products and find it hard to purchase any other product. Check out your local store or the KitchenAid website for all your kitchen needs.

2 months ago

I am absolutely obsessed with my Kitchenaid stand mixer! I was given it as a gift years ago and use it constantly with added attachments for whipping cream, shredding potatoes, etc! It cuts down my kitchen time DRAMATICALLY on my lengthiest recipes and saves my hands and arms a ton of work! High price, but highest of quality!