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KitchenAid makes a range of kitchen appliances and accessories.


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15 days ago

KitchenAid makes the best, long-lasting, and well-made kitchen appliances. Their stand-mixers are top of the line and make baking a breeze. These products should be on everyone's wedding registry. You can't go wrong with KitchenAid mixers. So many beautiful colors to pick from too. I have a cinnamon red one and I love it.

3 days ago

I have a mid-level kitchen aid stand mixer. I got mine before they started getting creative with the bowls and colors because it lives on my counter, I would think that upgrade would be worth it. It is a workhorse, I make bread, cookies, cakes, etc. with it and have never had an issue. I did have to replace a couple of my attachments because they wore out, but it took some doing to wear them out, and replacements are easy to find on Amazon.

13 hours ago

We invested in 3 kitchen aid products as we relied on the quality and reputation of the brand. We have a blender, a robot, and a mixer. They are still functional after 4 years. Except for the blender. It broke after 2 years and was told that the warranty expired. But the support was kind enough to help. So overall, we're happy with the brand, the items seem quality.

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6 days ago

Love KitchenAid, half of my kitchen is small appliances from this brand. I've had my stand mixer for over a decade and still works, top notch products!

21 days ago

I have got gifted a mixer. I love it and don’t think I could live without it. From mixing bread to cookies has brought joy backing into making everything myself in half the time. Well worth the price! Looks great on my counter too

a month ago

There's nothing better than that KitchenAid stand mixer! Works like a charm. The OG is big and heavy, so I'll consider adding the smaller version to my collection soon.

a month ago

Great and long lasting products. I have my grandmother’s kitchen aid, but I have heard that the newer ones do not hold up as well.

3 months ago

I’ve had our KitchenAid Mixer and other appliances for years, many headed down through our family. The design, the quality, and ease of use make these excellent kitchen tools. I especially love the new designs and bowls they’ve released. Even if on the counter, it’s a statement piece and we found so many uses for the mixer from pies, to breads, to pastas.