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Kind Science makes science-backed, vegan and cruelty-free skincare for all skin types.

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2 months ago

The product is ok. Too soon to tell. I purchased through Instagram. I thought I was buying a one-time purchase because it never had me create an account with UN and PW. The emails they sent me went to spam. They had me on auto ship and the 2nd order was $270+. That is ridiculous. Luckily, I am in 30 day window to return. We shall see if they refund me my money.

Face washNeck creamEye creamAnti wrinkle Moisturizer

4 months ago

This company is a SCAM. Elan didn't tell you it will be auto ship up front. I tried initial introductory package. The products were not the best but it was okay. However, this company force me into a subscription without my consent and I was charged $108 every 9 weeks. I wasn't aware of having a subscription with them AT ALL so I I called and canceled the subscription but They said it was already shipped and if I wanted a refund then I need to pay the Shipping fee. BE AWRE, YOU will be ripped off, these product is not worth of $325. They will DECIEVE you as if you are paying $58 upfront but actually you are force to pay lot more.

5 months ago

THis company is a terrible. The product is fine but they force you into a subscription without clearly communicating ...there is not follow up and then you are charged $300 every 12 weeks. Buyer beware.

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2 months ago

I wish I had been smart to read the reviews before I purchased the initial starter kit. I have been going back and forth with customer support team since I saw a pending chg on my credit card, which I gave disputed. I verbally cancelled my membership. Now today I received another “pending” charge for double the amount of the first one. I have been trying to get a return label sent to me to return the shipment received on 9/18, which I discovered was an automatic shipment. This company is an absolute scam and I am truly surprised that Ellen Degeneres supports this product or company.

7 months ago

I tried the firming Serum and the eye cream and saw no results. I checked to see if I could get a refund but it was over 30 days. Today I checked my bank account and saw 2 charges to PayPal from kind science. I immediately called them because I wasn't aware of having a subscription with them. They said it was already shipped and if I wanted a refund then I need to pay the Shipping fee. I got home and looked at my original order. At the bottom it says, in 2 months I'd be charged 41.65 to my PayPal account. I didn't understand why there was only 1 product listed. On this original receipt I was charged 41.65 and 57.80. I went back to PayPal to see what I was charged this time. I was charged 68.73 and 51.32 I also realized while looking at PayPal was there was 2 different order numbers. I called kind science and pointed out that neither one of the products was 41.65 She said that was the price before Shipping. I then said, so I have 2 orders being shipped in 2 different boxes, being shipped on the same day, to the same address and being charged for shipping twice? She said, "yes"! Who does business like that????


1sr, they should send an email to remind people of the subscription. 2nd, ship products TOGETHER! Charging people twice for shipping is crooked.