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KA! makes natural, empathogenic supplements from the Kanna plant.



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6 months ago

Received a free product from KA!

A unique sensation for your mouth. Tasty and authentic. Great introduction to Kanna which has subtle effects – so don't expect an immediate and obvious solution to all life's woes! Personally not super endeared by the packaging and brand identity, but perhaps others will love it. I'd like to take this for a longer period of time, but it is pricey. Fingers crossed that they might be able to lower pricing over time as they ramp up the volume. Disclosure: I was fortunate to win a free pack in a social media giveaway. Kudos to the KA team for honouring that, despite not living in the US.

5 months ago

The tingly mouth experience is a little jolting at first but the grounded feeling it provides me makes it totally worth it. Definitely helps with my productivity and focus. Love Ka!

10 months ago

Writing this on behalf of my husband because I had no idea that as a person on an SSRI that I actually couldn't take this: the packaging is great, taste is tolerable , but my husband did not feel a difference after popping multiple at once.

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a year ago

Super cool packaging, arrived quickly, great infographs and all natural ingredients but.... we felt nothing. A mouth tingle at the beginning that didn't really go anywhere ... then nothing. Shared with some friends the second time around, and of the 4 of us, no one felt anything. Cool idea. perhaps we needed a higher dose.



a year ago

KA! You truly blew my mind 🤯 from the beautiful packaging, to that light and subtle tingly feeling and to making my days that much brighter! I am hooked, to say the least. Thank you KA! for helping me focus and lightening up my days 🌈


Nothing as of yet! To me it works with wonders

a year ago

It’s the most innovative health supplement I’ve ever had. So deeply connecting you to the earth and yourself.


More in a pack :)

a year ago

Oh my god. It is seriously the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. I can't wrap my head around why it's so bad (gritty, nauseating), and I'm not eating another one just for the review. I immediately had to eat something to combat the bad taste. As for energizing, I can't say the effect is any different than a small cup of coffee but honestly, I was so focused on the bad taste, that "how it made me feel" was the very last thing I was monitoring. The only thing good I can say is that the box is really pretty (albeit a little difficult to pull open).


The taste overall is off-putting, as is the color. Shipping in the summer, caused several to be melted and fused together. Maybe wrap individually?

a year ago

To start, the packaging is gorgeous. It's so vibrant and modern. It brings a welcome splash of color to my shelf :) Now onto the chews: I was expecting something more gummy in texture, these are slightly thicker and denser than a regular gummy - that's probably because there's so much plant goodness inside instead of cheap filler. I love the flavor, and find it very robust. It's a complex flavor profile, reminds me of Kin Euphorics drinks but without the bitterness. It's sweet at the beginning, and I LOVE that I can taste the herbs with all their plant magic; most other supplement chews are full of artificial and synthetic flavoring. This is not that, when I chew these I feel like I am making out with mother nature (in the best way). Floral and earthy with notes of mountain air and fields of wild grass. I wish it were a drink! There's a tingle that comes at the end that was a slight surprise, and while I enjoyed the fizzy feeling it only lasted for about 2 minutes before it mellowed out. I think it's important that we chew and taste the supplements we use every day, digestion starts with the mouth. When we bypass chewing our bodies miss out on an important step in the nourishment process. I'm so glad this company decided to make a good-for-you treat with some really potent herbs, without any BS, that actually tastes good. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

a year ago

Branding agency

Wow. KA! really is my favorite way to wake up and start the day. I love the tingly onset not just for the activating flavor but because I know what comes to follow is a sense of feel-good calm and enlivened energy with a slight euphoric twist. I take it to align my focus and calm my nerves before a big presentation, before I start brainstorming to inspire creative thinking, or while hanging with friends for a more connective time together. I am psyched to have found a Kanna brand I can trust and want everyone to know about it! Please note my company did the branding for this product, but have nothing to do with the product itself. The product actually really helped ignite and power our creative process in the creation of the brand 🌈

a year ago

I'll admit that I'm always slightly skeptic of brands that claim their product will help reduce anxiety...which, yeah, I have a lot of. BUT...KA! actually did make me feel noticeably calmer and more present. As the website says, it also gave me a tingly feeling when it started to kick in. Overall, a solid supplement that does what it says it will!


The taste and texture were a little hard for me. But at the same time I love that the product is natural and sugar free so, while I would love a better taste and mouthfeel, it's a worthy sacrifice to know exactly what I'm putting in my body.