Hi! Human Improvement

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Hi! Human Improvement makes better-tasting protein powder made from a key simple ingredient - cricket protein.

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June 2020
July 2020
Santa Monica, US
Josh Campbell
Derek McCarty
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Hi! Human Improvement

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Taste (vanilla) - 0/5 - I hate to say it but it was the worst tasting protein powder I've ever tasted. I'm fine with cricked protein based products and have tried a bunch, but this just wasn't it. Chalky feeling in your mouth, grainy texture of liquid, powder smelled like throwup, mixed drink with water and it looked like throwup, could taste the bitter stevia, not much vanilla flavor at all. Just wasn't it. UI/Packaging 4/5 - Cute friendly, simple design, nice job there team UX - 2/5 - packet was somewhat difficult to tear open, powder didn't pour out smooth. I'd consider using a different material for your film


I'm really not trying to be rude, I love and support all CPG brands, but just want to point this out to the founders of Hi because sometimes it's hard to internally evaluate--if sales or growth aren't what you want them to be, this (formulation and taste of product) is definitely definitely what you should focus on improving

4 months ago
🤝Friends with Hi! Human Improvement

Incredible taste, love the way it mixes/blends. Really inspired by the companies approach to wellness and sustainability with the use of cricket protein.


Possibly a tub vs. single pouches for environmental purposes!

Innovative productSustainable products
4 months ago

Hi! Is filling the space of a non-meat protein powder and cricket has been identified as a strong contender. They're more environmentally sustainable, packed with protein, and doesn't carry any offensive taste! If you are looking for something alternative to a whey protein, I would recommend Hi! as opposed to other brands I've tried.


The product will struggle in its taste and its ability to dissolve. The product when I tried had a slight chemical aftertaste from the artificial sweetener. Despite a lot of stirring, there were still some clusters that need a proper shaking water bottle as opposed to powder in water.

High qualityCool look & feelEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
7 months ago