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Headquarters is a hair-care brand that focuses on root and scalp health, from Harry's Labs.


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3 months ago

I don't have an allegiance to any conditioner so I'm always trying something new (read: cheap but effective). I grabbed this on a whim and the actual conditioner works just fine. It's creamy and smooths tangles just fine. Nothin special or world-changing. Just a thick formula that does the basics of what a conditioner should do. BUT the bottle is super hard to squeeze with one hand. It makes me feel like I'm 90 years old!!! So, for that reason, I will probably never buy again.

2 months ago

Best ever for my hair. I bought it then had to shave my head for chemo. When my hair came back in ,I started back using it. Now I can't buy it no where. What happened. It really makes my hair look better an feel better than anything else I have in 45 years used. I need more bad !!!

Headquarters mega moisture shampoo and conditioner

2 years ago

I gave it a shot to see what Harry's would do for a Walmart haircare brand. There's an option for all major hair types and the products smell amazing. I think for the price point the product is incredible and it gives people with lower income a luxury CPG experience without breaking the bank. I think in the D2C/CPG space we forget that there are so many people who can't buy anything because it's in essence an "overpriced prettier product." I hope more brands pay attention to Headquarters and we see an increase in more affordable, yet beautiful brand experiences.


Wish these were sold in a bundle with a discount on unit cost.

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2 years ago

I used the scalp serum for a while, but it did nothing. Also, the print on the bottle is so tiny that’s it’s hard to read.

2 years ago

Finding a shampoo that's right for me has felt like an almost lifelong pursuit. I was getting IG ads for this and thought "another product that makes you take a quiz bla bla bla". I have very fine, super straight, oily hair and I typically was always going for volumizing shampoos to give my hair more body. I woke up in the middle of the night from scratching my scalp so much and ordered the balance care routine on the spot because I remember the quiz asking a lot of questions about scalp itchiness (not something I'd ever really thought about it) and the price-point was really good. This is a long review all to say wtf this whole hair care routine has made my hair so so healthy with body and shine and super soft. My scalp is never itchy and I'm not constantly feeling like I need to wash everyday because my hair has gotten oily quickly. I am truly a convert to these products. I don't know if it's a "just works for me kind of thing" or they're really that good for everyone but I'm truly so impressed and so grateful I found this stuff.


They have eco-friendly packaging, an insanely good price-point and clean ingredients and the products really work. It's very hard to point to find ways to improve it but I suppose if I had to I saw they have fragrance and phenoxyethanol listed in their ingredients.

a year ago

I have had incredibly thick, course, yet straight (ish) hair, and a dry scalp for my whole life. Thus far I’ve had shampoos and conditioners that either dried out my hair too much, or were too heavy, and considering I cut out sulfates/silicones from my haircare a few years ago, that just made the hunt even harder. No other brand has satisfied me and surprised me as much as headquarters has. I use their mega-moisture shampoo and conditioner and have never had better feeling or looking hair. The shampoo isn’t too drying but it still cleanses, and the conditioner is super thick and rich and leaves my hair feeling super soft. I only wash my hair twice a week or so, and the entire time w headquarters my hair keeps looking fantastic, and my scalp doesn’t itch or flake. Cute packaging too! And affordable!


Conditioner is a little hard to get out of the bottle, but its easy once you shake it a few times. I’d love to get huge bottles if they made them!

2 years ago

I've been using their 4-step oily hair solution sent for four weeks and have been very pleased with the results. I only use the scalp scrub once a week to not over dry my scalp, but when I do use it, it's a good hair day. The scrub brush has really changed my hair care routine and I use it for applying the shampoo and conditioner. When I don't use the scalp scrub, I find the shampoo isn't strong enough to remove oil and have a nice hair day. Also, the $35 price for the set is excellent!


I was a little surprised by how big the delivery box was, but my main feedback is more instruction on how to use for scalp health improvement