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Graza makes high quality, extra-virgin cooking olive oil made completely from fresh olives.


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a month ago

Tastes alright but the plastic is a huge no-no. You can get much better olive oil for that price in a glass bottle.

8 days ago

In terms of taste, it's not that different from other brands of olive oil. While I do love squeezing the bottle into my pan (it's fun!), I don't think that squeeze is worth the price point for me. In all honesty, I probably won't purchase again. Spending $19 on olive oil (I got it from my local Whole Foods to save on shipping) that tastes like other brands and comes in plastic isn't worth the squeeze to me.


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13 hours ago

While I haven’t tried Drizzle, I’ve picked up Sizzle at sprouts the keep by my stove for cooking. It’s good olive oil, but nothing special. The squeeze bottle makes it easy to pour (sometimes I accidentally go a little wild when pouring directly from a normal bottle). The bottle is cute and goes well with my kitchen. Overall I’m not disappointed with the product, but it’s so overhyped that it couldn’t possibly live up to the buzz.


14 days ago

Love the taste of the product and the different versions of olive oil for different uses - lasts a good amount and appreciate the look/functionality of the bottle

10 days ago

This is a luxury item I’ll happily buy over and over. The Drizzle tastes SO GOOD in salad dressings. I kind of get excited to use it when a recipe calls for something extra. The packaging makes it, but it’s just really really good olive oil.

12 days ago

Obsessed with this olive oil! The drizzle is really good on a tomato and avocado toast - so delicious and flavourful

14 days ago

I love this product but I'm honestly not the biggest snob when i comes to olive oil so I have a hard time really discerning the nuances. I love the packaging, I love the branding, I love the price point.

23 days ago

Quality is actually not that great, but love the bottle though it's not a new idea, chefs have been using this method forever. I keep the bottle and just refill with a better quality oil