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Graza makes high quality, extra-virgin cooking olive oil made completely from fresh olives.

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Graza Reviews

Graza reviews

Reviews mention

  • High quality olive oil
  • Innovative squeeze bottle design
  • Distinctive robust flavor
  • Great branding and versatility
  • Slightly overpriced product
  • Use of plastic packaging
  • Availability mostly online
  • Potential oil degradation issues

Graza is a high quality, innovative olive oil brand admired for its delicious taste, distinctive flavor differences, unique squeeze bottle packaging, and great branding. However, it is often criticized for its high price point and the use of plastic packaging, which raises environmental concerns and potential oil degradation issues.

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4 days ago

Love the packaging, love the new refill in a can system, and it tastes great! Looks so cool and trendy on the counter.

4 days ago

Pretty good. Not sure if I see much of a taste difference than other brands but they have great packaging which makes it more accessible.

6 days ago

Graza olive oil has become a solid favorite in my kitchen, deserving a strong four-star rating. The quality is evident in every drop, offering a fresh, robust flavor that enhances my dishes beautifully. The convenient squeeze bottle makes it easy to use, whether I’m cooking or finishing a dish. However, the only reason it’s not five stars is the price point, which feels a bit high for everyday use. Nonetheless, Graza is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates high-quality olive oil.

8 days ago

LOVE GRAZA love especially they sell refills instead of new bottles as well! my favorite to use is the drizzle. some olive oils i have used as drizzles made my tummy upset but this one was so smooth and almost creamy.

12 days ago

Good stuff, the distinction of sizzle vs drizzle in separate bottles is nice. Don't love a plastic container and probably paying a slight premium for a "brand" but overall will continue to use.

19 days ago

Frequent buyer.

Graza is worth the investment > here’s why I loved it. Amazing flavor, fun packaging, great brand values AND comes in a variety of options, from cooking oils to garnishing quality for your fancy salads, Graza has your fix.

a month ago

Grazi is a high quality olive oil that does not taste rancid. The squeeze bottle makes it easy for you to control the amount you put in a recipe or on the pan. The labeling is very neat as well.

4 months ago

I recently tried out this brand of oil for making foccacia bread and I can def tell the difference. I like to use this oil for special occasions only since it is quite expensive but worth the price!

5 months ago

Delicious olive oil and super appreciate the bottle that it comes in. Makes cooking super easy! Also, love the label

4 months ago

I should qualify this by saying I'm not a connoisseur, but I've been really happy with my Graza. I have both and use the big bottle for cooking and little for finishing. I'm a big fan!

a month ago

Just OK. I know this brand became very popular very fast, but I'm honestly just not that impressed. The squirt bottle? Brilliant. The olive oil? It's alright. I find both editions of the oil to be a little harsh on the palate, with that "after burn" you sometimes get from olive oils. I've done some tastings in Italy and while I understand that's a whole other level, you can still get high quality oils in other countries like the U.S. for a fraction of the price of Graza. If you want to try it because it's been such a phenom lately, go for it. If you just want some yummy olive oil that doesn't break the bank, keep searching.

4 months ago

I love the nozzle/bottle and the branding. The Sizzle doesn't really taste any different — or at least not that I would notice. The Drizzle is great! Just wish the packaging was more sustainable, and slightly pricey.

4 months ago

Got this because of the hype (and the bold design) - I bought the drizzle and honestly loved it! Very flavorful.

4 months ago

I grabbed this in a hurry because I was out of what I normally use and was pleasantly surprised.