Golden Ratio

3.52 Ratings

Golden Ratio crafts a less acidic coffee that taste similar to tea.

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Golden Ratio Reviews

🤝Friends with Golden Ratio

My friend actually started this company, but my unbiased take is that the flavor is unique but not something I would drink every day. The flavor is nutty and kind of thin (especially compared to the black coffee I usually drink). That said, the different flavors they have all taste great and add a nice set of variety! It was nice to try, but I'd rather just go with a black tea or coffee in most situations.


No improvements needed, it's just not quite for me!

Worth the money 💸Works really wellTasty 😋
10 months ago

It tasted like water down coffee to me, feels like it lives in this in-between world of coffee and tea when I personally would rather just have coffee or tea. I do have some friends who are real coffee heads but are searching for low acidic options and enjoy this however

Jesse R's review of Golden Ratio
10 months ago