Golden Ratio

Angelo G
1 Review
10 months ago


The concept of a light cold brew really appealed to me for those times when on Intermittent fasting and just need a pick-me-up. I love tea and I love all kinds of good coffee but I did not enjoy the flavor of this brew. It is hard to describe but it lacks the structure and flavor profile of coffee and was an unbalanced tea. I have tried Korean brews like Boricha and would highly recommend those forms of tea coffee flavors over Golden. One huge problem I had was how expensive the coffee was just to try it. To be frugal I went for the subscription pricing and ordered more to get the free shipping. That set me back about $40. I have two unopened boxes of this coffee that I will not drink. My wife doesn't like it either. Customer service will accept no returns for any reason. That shocked me. If you like roasted flavor notes you will not find them in this brew. If you like black or green tea you probably won't like the coffee flavor tones here. You might like it but I definitely think this one might satisfy a select group of drinkers.


There should be a trial offer to allow consumers the opportunity to try the coffee without getting set back a significant amount. Explore different bean and roasting methods to offer a greater range of natural coffee flavors.

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