Frank And Oak

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Frank and Oak makes sustainable and ethically-sourced quality clothing from recycled fabrics.

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Montreal, Quebec
Ethan Song
Hicham Ratnani
B Corp
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Amazing websiteCool look & feelEveryday wearFit just rightFun unboxing 📦
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3 months ago

It scores a 3 only because it's a local Montréal business that has managed to get a global audience. The initial concept was cool and loved the barbershop inside their locations. It was something different at the time.


Who are they anymore? It seems like they've lost their identity and ever since they added womenswear, they've been flailing in the wind. Personally, I think they are over.

Fun unboxing 📦Everyday wearAmazing website
3 months ago

Inconsistent style. I have a few shirts I really like from them (and I often steal my boyfriend's sweater), but a lot of things just don't fit quite right.

Sustainable products
3 months ago

Born-and-raised in Montreal, this clothing store is all types of cool. Their timeless pieces are reliable and beautiful, and I've loved their super high quality shoes and leather goods as well.


I've been purchasing from Frank and Oak since 2016, and at first I was super impressed with the quality, much of it was made in Canada. More recently, I've noticed that the quality has gone down, with more items being a hit/miss depending on where they were made and what they were made out of.

Cool look & feelEveryday wear
3 months ago

Great selection, all clothes fit well.


I have bought a handful of t-shirts from here and they have all been prone to getting holes after only a couple wears.

Everyday wearFit just rightAmazing website
3 months ago

One of my new favorite clothing brands! Wonderful selection of items, excellent quality, and good prices. I'm excited to fill my closet with more Frank and Oak pieces.

High qualityCool look & feelEveryday wearFit just rightWorth the money 💸
3 months ago

I did the Frank & Oak subscription box/style plan for a few months which it looks like they have since spun down. I was really attracted to the versatility of the clothes and they had some cool cuts and patterns. Ultimately though, the quality was just not on level with the price. I ended up buying multiple things from my boxes that started to lose threads or otherwise fall apart extremely quickly -- we're talking one or two wears. It's possible I just ended up with some duds, but for the price tag I really expected the quality to be higher. I do have one black velvet dress from them that I like to wear though! I think overall I find them to be pretty hit-or-miss, and for the $$$ I think you want to know you're getting a hit.


clothing quality!

Cool look & feelBusiness casualLuxury
3 months ago

Can be quite hit & miss. I would say their jeans and jackets (I have a blazer, zip up and a rain jacket) are pretty good. I find their t-shirts and dresses are ill-fitting and can be low quality.


I think their style has gone downhill a bit over the years. I used to buy tons of pieces from them and now I don't find myself wanting any of their recent clothing.

Cool look & feelEco-friendly packagingLovely customer supportFun unboxing 📦Everyday wear