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First Person makes supplements from functional mushrooms to improve cognitive performance.

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a month ago

I have ADHD and a wide variety of symptoms that go with it. The Sunbeam helps greatly and with those times my mind is "racing" or stressed. I might be socially different or have lack of patience for social norms... the Golden Hour helps me in a noticeable way to me and those around me. And I am an "Elite Sleeper or Short Sleeper", which means I physically need much less sleep than most people. For me 1-2 hours cumulatively a night is my norm. I'm an energetic person, though on the chill side. Sometimes for my stress level, it helps for me to just close my eyes and go to sleep.... Moonbeam is one of the few products I have ever used that increases my sleep without making me groggy or spacey after. I think partly it may be due to the GABA that is so often not part of other supplements to help with sleep. I highly recommend First Person. I usually take one or two. Oh... and they are so pretty lol. And I love the packaging, eco-friendly and innovative and easy to bring along.

Sunbeam , Golden Hour and Moonbeam

a month ago

Great idea, great concept, great mission...didn't see any benefits. Their three products are centered around mood/focus; connection/love/joy; and, sleep. I tried the connection/joy product. From the science of ingredients and the formulation, everything appeared to be planned very well by the company. However, after taking it for 3 months, I didn't find it improved anything for me. I find meditation to works better than most of these supplements for focus, joy, connection, and even sleep. That is why I don't usually recommend such supplements.

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4 months ago

Have tried all three. The Sunbeam is by far my favorite, taking two supplements resulted in detail focus for +10hrs.

a year ago

I really wanted to enjoy First Person more than I actually did. The whole unboxing experience is great, the pills look exactly as cool as you think they will, but it just didn't work that well. I love that the bottoms of the tins have QR codes to make reordering a breeze. Sunbeam - I felt a noticeable added focus when I took two pills Golden Hour - I never felt anything when I took these before socializing but maybe I'm just an unsocial person Moonlight - I actually enjoyed this one and thought it worked well Unfortunately, the price is just too high for me to justify regularly buying First Person but I'm still keeping the tins because they're great for storage and organization!

a year ago

I've only tried Sunbeam but it works better than most on here are giving credit for. I will admit it seemed to work better at first and now I might have a bit of tolerance built up. Helps with focus and getting less distracted for the ~2 hours after taking it.


Expensive and slow ship times.

9 months ago

I really wanted to like First Person. I'm a big mycology nerd, so I was psyched to see functional mushroom compounds in such a beautifully designed product. Unfortunately I tried the whole set for weeks and didn't notice any effects at all. Gorgeous packaging and a cool idea, but really overpromises and under-delivers.

9 months ago

After placing an order for Golden Hour, I eagerly awaited its arrival, but unfortunately, the shipping process was slower than I had anticipated. However, once it arrived, I was pleased with the aesthetically pleasing packaging and excited to give it a try. Regrettably, after using the product for two weeks, I found that it did not live up to my expectations. Despite the product's claims to promote connection and joy, I did not experience any noticeable effects. Even with potentially beneficial ingredients like organic Reishi mushroom, affron (Saffron), and Bacopa Monnieri, I did not feel any increased sense of well-being or happiness.

6 months ago

Wasn't a fan. The customer service is excellent, but the product itself did not at all have the effects I expected from the advertisement seen on tiktok where they're being interviewed and describing what it does. Everyones brain chemistry is different- this one wasn't for me. Little to no effect. I bought the trio - the only one that I could feel was the night time kava, very very slightly.

7 months ago

Nothing happened good or bad- no matter how I mixed them with each other or the quantity. No support from customer service to make it right with me either. Don’t do it. Waste of money.