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Ffern crafts a rotating collection of organic seasonal perfumes.

Ffern Reviews

Ffern reviews


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9 reviews

5 months ago

Shipped and arrived just as described. Is very lovely and clean. I am already excited about the spring shipment. Communication and customer service are exemplary.

3 months ago

Wow. I can't say enough good things about this company. I've owned a 5-star spa for the last 22+ years. We're all about the experience we immerse our clients in and the clean aromatic blended scents are most important. I have experienced the best of the best aromatherapy and natural eua de parfum companies around the world for our signature scent for the spa. Ffern has, hands-down, surpassed them all on so many levels. Mind-blowingly exquisite scents that literally lasts longer on the skin than any other I've experienced. Hard to find this attention to details and real human beings in this world these days. Their brand goes beyond, it exudes the finest beauty; the story, marketing materials, the unboxing , customer service - it's all part of the beautiful experience we all deserve. ... And if it's not for you, you can return it! Simple. They offer a sample in each order to try first. Who does that?! I highly recommend this company.

5 months ago

I love everything about Ffern, their sustainable practices and packaging, receiving a beautiful package with a unique fragrance each season feels like such a luxury! I didn’t enjoy Autumn 23, I felt it leaned a bit more masculine, so I gave it to my partner who enjoyed it. Winter 24 is definitely more feminine and is such an elegant combination of fresh winter scents. Receiving my package every season is such a small luxury and I love how Ffern collaborates with artists, farmers, and craft artisans to really provide such a lovely package of goodies for their ledger members each season.

7 months ago

I have mixed feelings about Ffern. It has a sustainable approach in their production, beautiful packaging, and great customer service. But having received two of their fragrances, I can’t say I’m impressed. Both were very heavy on the floral/citrus and quite similar to one another - Ffern being a subscription service, I would prefer seeing more variety. That being said, making returns is very easy - they include a sampler with your package that you can use to test. If you don’t end up liking the scent, you book the return online, and send the package back!

10 months ago

I love the first drop and its my daily scent and I love it. However the second drop was an immediate turn off and was able to return. I think the buying without knowing is something I'm a fan of but also not a fan of. The packaging is so nice and you don't know what scent to expect so its like opening a gift every time. I love their sustainable packaging, and that they send testers with their products so you can return the bottle without opening it. I am interested to see what they have next!

9 months ago

First time subscriber and I just received the Autumn 2023. I agree with the others, the unboxing is a lovely experience. I loved the 2 teabags. Appreciated the sample bottle. But.... The terracotta disk didn't really maintain the fragrance. Not even when placed on top of a diffuser. And. Sprayed it on the inside of my wrist and on the back of my neck, as suggested, and I smell like I rolled in the hay. Asked several colleagues to sample and comment and the reviews were unequivocally "thumbs down". Not worth the expense they said. So back it goes. Will stay with Joe Malone. I had hoped this would be an amazing experience.

a year ago

Originally I discovered Ffern through Instagram and was able to get on the ledger for Spring 2023 after falling in love with its concept. I've now received Summer 2023 a couple weeks back and have decided to keep both. I was originally apprehensive about Fferm because a lot of reviews I came across during my research mention the "sameness" of the scents - this I could see, both on actual application and just in the ingredient list provided (you can tell what the perfumer prefers). However, as the perfumes transition from top to mid to base notes, you can definitely tell a difference, and they both age wonderfully on my skin. The unboxing experience is also a treat. What I like most about Ffern is that they offer a small sample packaging before opening the main bottle for you to test. If you don't like it, the returns are free. The price point is rather high ($129 USD), so this gave me a lot of peace of mind in trying out the ledger model (4 bottles a year as the season changes, and you can entirely skip twice a year). When trying out the sample, I recommend letting it sit a bit before you smell it, as the initial spray has a significant alcoholic smell. The whole packaging is compostable, and the small sample bottle is refillable with a bit of fiddling, which is perfect for short travels or just a touch up throughout the day when you're out. EDIT (9/20/23): Received the Autumn 2023 fragrance a couple days ago. The scent developed quite herbal/minty on my skin, so ultimately it isn't for me. Requesting a return was fairly simple - I had a button in my tracking link I could press to request a return, which took me to a Typeform. It was a short survey confirming you were returning, any feedback you had, and whether you wanted a full refund OR if you wanted to try an old but popular ledger scent they still had on hand. I opted for a refund (which will be processed upon receipt of the return package) and promptly received a returns label in my email. Quite easy and painless, so no complaints! EDIT: Successfully received my refund on 9/29, which was roughly 5 Business Days after my package was successfully returned. They sent an email out to confirm the refund. I'll admit I was a bit nervous regarding the refund process, but experiencing how smoothly it went was such a relief! With how risk-free the whole process is, I'll continue to stay on the ledger (until I decide I have too many perfumes haha).

a year ago

I came across Ffern on social media. Fragrance is definitely one of my ‘things’ and the idea of a small batch fragrance produced four times throughout the year using seasonal ingredients really appealed to me. I especially love that if the scent isn’t to your taste you can send it back & just wait to try the next release. A small tester vial is sent in the same package as the main fragrance so that customers may try the fragrance before committing. The packing is plastic free & can be used as compost giving the brand a further sustainable platform.

6 months ago

Well, I recvd. My order #24 winter. it is going back as soon as the UPS store opens tomorrow.Their return policy is a joke as well it's a brand new bottle of 129. 00$$ of my hard earned money . I'm not keeping a fragrance that doesn't smell excellent. I have HIGH standards in a fragrance period! This fragrance should NOT BE ON THE MARKET. Do not buy! I can find better in a dept Store.