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Favour makes a functional chewing gum powered by CBD to relieve the mental, physical, and external stressors in life.

Favour Reviews

Favour reviews


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5 reviews

2 years ago

Received a free product from Favour

I was pretty skeptical but as someone who already sees the benefits in aiding my anxiety by chewing regular gum, I'm so glad I gave Favour a shot. It really helps take the edge off. And the minty flavor lasts much longer than expected.

2 years ago

I'm new to CBD and I love how approachable this is CBD gum is. It really takes the stress out of dosing because you have it measured in one piece of gum. I enjoyed the flavor and I did feel a little calmer 10 minutes after chewing a piece.


I wish there were more pieces of gum in the pack and the flavor would last longer.

2 years ago

I do not like the texture of this gum...was hard to chew and once I was able to chew it, it quickly felt like a piece of rubber in my mouth... .and I don't feel like it did anything. There's probably better ways to ingest CBD - like tea or seltzer - if you really wanted to.

3 years ago

Decided to give this a whirl after buying it from Popup Grocer last year and was pleasantly surprised. With the CBD boom it feels like a crap shoot at times with what will be useful, but this gum was great. Any time I was feeling overly anxious I would pop one and be chilled out shortly thereafter.


This isn't a gum you chew for long-lasting flavor or to freshen up, so anything that could be done on the flavor side would be great.