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Fitness meets fashion? Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, makes high-quality athletic wear & accessories.

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El Segundo, California
Adam Goldenberg
Kate Hudson
Don Ressler
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High qualityCool look & feelAthleisureFit just rightWorth the money 💸
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a month ago

I still have my subscription but I tend to skip on most months if I'm honest. However, the leggings I have from them, I do wear all the time. So great quality and worth the money when you actually need new workout clothes but I do not need a new addition to my closet every single month.

2 months ago

I tried this out a few years ago as an earlier adopter and it wasn’t great. Sizing was inconsistent and the quality sus. I also couldn’t cancel or delay my subscription easily and that was a pita. I think they’ve improved a lot since then, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.


Have consistent sizing and enable easier cancellations.

3 months ago

Decent quality + wide range of designs


Unknowingly was signed up to a monthly payment scheme that was quite difficult to cancel.

4 months ago

The legging material called motion360 (I think its in the trinity leggings) is amazing. And they have leggings with pockets (back and also side) which is great for running. these leggings do not slip down when you're moving which is a godsend. The price point is way lower than others in market, and I wouldn't be put off by the subscription element that feels like it's locking you in - you can skip the month for the first 5 days of each month. Fabletics also has frequent and amazing discounts. Sports bras are also great, and all their products are in such fun colours too (though black is usually always available)


Some of the other materials aren't great, and the variety of tank tops for working out isn't as vast as I'd like (they have a lot of tshirt material tops but not that many workout material tops).

Everyday wearAthleisureFit just rightWorth the money 💸High qualityCool look & feelSize & shade inclusive
2 months ago

Product quality and fit surprisingly good for the price, but don't recommend unless you're in the market for an ongoing subscription


One of the most inconvenient cancellation flows I've ever had to deal with.

2 months ago

Great discounts/sales, and great product quality. My fabletics leggings have lasted years, and the power hold fabric is SO soft and perfectly compressive. They have really thorough reviews to help you choose the right products!


It’s kind of confusing how to skip each month with the VIP membership

AthleisureFit just rightWorth the money 💸Cool look & feelHigh quality