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Evergreen makes plant-based, sustainable seafood.


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23 days ago

Received a free product from Evergreen

In my opinion the flavor was really good the balance of flavors was palatable and easy to eat. So that's why I think a friend would also enjoy it as just much as I did. I had this product for breakfast and a couple of egg bites so it was very quick but a healthy on-the-go breakfast. The things that I didn't enjoy was the unblanched almonds the skin was not easy to chew and it was very annoying and the way the waffles would get burnt really easily. But if I didn't toast it enough it was still chewy and soft on the outside but burnt if I kept toasting it to make it crispy like it said on the bag to do if you like crispy waffles. What I most liked about this product is that the berry and the maple syrup that I chose went really well together. The whole thing kind of melts in your mouth absolutely delicious and not too heavy. And for those reasons I would buy it and I would recommend this to anyone who loves waffles or has food allergies.

Mixed Berry and Almond