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EADEM offers inclusive and science-backed skincare that effectively and safely cares for women of color.

EADEM Reviews

EADEM reviews


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8 reviews

a year ago

These products(and brand) exceeded my expectations! The texture alone of the cream is incredible... I can't even describe it. The texture alone of the serum is (as it says) milky, but sinks in & feels wonderful... Genuinely feels like a one & done hydrating and brightening serum!. The ingredients are wonderful, the packaging is incredible... I'm hooked!

6 months ago

EADEM's Cloud Cushion moisturizer is a godsend for the Sahara Desert that is my skin. I mean, the name doesn't lie – it's like a heavenly, moisture-packed hug. Sure, it plays in the pricier league, but trust me, it's worth every darn penny. If your skin's thirsting for serious hydration, EADEM is the answer. Do yourself a favor and dive into this skincare dream. Your dry skin will thank you, I promise.

3 years ago

Friends with EADEM

Love the mission & purpose of this brand and founders stories. Product is very nice to use, texture, color, smell. Packaging is also very beautiful in my bathroom.

8 months ago

Received a free product from EADEM

☆★☆ Innovation and product development. their formulas have really helped my skin a lot and it has become a staple. love the approach to being able to help with hyperpigmentation without lightening the skin. dew dream cleansing balm is my holy grail

a year ago

I’m really inconsistent about buying the same skincare as I usually don’t have results I like as my skin either stays the same across products or I feel like my skin is suffocating for 15 minutes after my routine. Eadem is one of the few brands that has been immediately re-bought once I finish a product, the moisturizer and serum feel great on my skin and the packing is super luxe. I love that the moisturizer comes with a spatula. After buying from Sephora the last couple times, I plan to transition to their website for my orders.

a year ago

Absolutely obsessed with Eadem's Milk Marvel Spot Serum - beautiful packaging, effective formula, gentle feel. I use this daily and notice my skin is more irritable when I'm not using it. It hasn't completely cleared my dark spots, but has made a noticeable difference. My skin loves it and I keep buying it again and again. Also use the Dew Dream Cleansing Balm. It grew on me - though you have to really work it in for it to get mascara / harder to remove products off.

2 years ago

I love their social media marketing and the product itself is totally worth it. Will definitely repurchase.

a year ago

I love this brand! Their moisturizer is one of my favorite products I've used in a long time. The texture is super creamy, thick (almost like a light cake icing?), but melts into the skin so smoothly. It also mixes well with other hydrating products I've layered underneath. I love the way the moisturizer scoops onto the little golden spatula. I also like the texture of their milk marvel serum and how easily it sinks into the skin.


The only thing about the moisturizer that I didn't like at first is they advertised it as a thick winter moisturizer that could be used in cold weather, but I didn't think it was thick enough for that and needed to mix with other moisturizing products to achieve more hydration. Perfect thickness for a daytime moisturizer though. Another thing is their packaging is so beautiful that I wish they would provide some sort of refill situation where I didn't have to throw away the bottle every time I finished it.