Dionis Goat Milk Skincare

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Dionis Goat Milk Skincare formulates affordable skin and body solutions made with grade-A whole goat milk


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Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Reviews

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2 months ago

I have sensitive, but dry, skin so I picked up some of the Dionis Skin Salve and it is very nice. It goes on silky without being overly greasy and has a nice smell. I didn't have very long-lasting results but it worked great in the short-term and the little salve tin is very easy to carry in a purse or a travel kit.

3 months ago

I am a huge fan of the Dionis hand creams and lotions. To be honest, I am a bit surprised about how much I love them because they contain goat milk and my skin can be sensitive to some animal products like lanolin but I can confirm my skin drinks this up and loves it! Even in the summer when my skin gets greasier and sweaty this still gets absorbed nicely. I keep a tube of the cream at my desk and I love that it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't take much time to soak in so my keyboard doesn't get greasy. The scents are well done (i.e. don't have an overly "fake" smell) and I love all the options they have. The blood orange is my go-to since it's fresh and bright. They carry this line at Ulta and they usually have good deals on them which is when I like to stock up. In my picture I have the cream on the left and the lotion on the right to show the comparison of thickness.