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Curie makes clean, effective, and safe personal care products.

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Curie reviews


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2 days ago

I love the smell of my Curie deoderant. It keeps me feeling fresh and doesn’t smell. I am a big sweater so it doesn’t help too much on that, but it does help with hiding any odor and feeling fresh.

Curie deodorant

2 months ago

I wanted to love Curie. I bought the tester pack with three scents. I liked all three scents - the orange nerouli my favorite. I also got the detox mask, even though I only use aluminum free deodorant. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one for years. The product works best after the detox mask. But I found I needed the mask about every third day. The product itself feels waxy & had to be reapplied throughout the day. It works about as well as any other aluminum free deodorant with a much higher price tag. Not worth the hype l.

2 years ago

THIS WORKS !! LIKE REALLY WORKS! No body odor at all... And you know how sometimes your armpits get used to your deodorant, only to buy this moving forward. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. 100% RECOMMENDED. I am going only to buy this moving forward.



10 months ago

Invested in Curie

Lover of Curie! Best natural deo I've tried. Combining this with apple cider vinegar is my favorite way to defeat odor.

2 years ago

I just received my first box a few weeks ago. I am so impressed. I've been a natural deodorant skeptic, but been using this for a few weeks and loving it. This brand has nailed scents - they smell delicious. The deodorant spray is great and innovative.


I've got nothing so far!

9 months ago

Love this brand and product! Like probably most of us, I have found natural deodorants to work OK at best (and causing irritation at worst) and tried their spray deodorant at a workout studio. I was super impressed with the formula and it did a great job. TBH, if I am doing a heavy workout or going to be in crazy heat, I still reach for my old-school deodorant, but otherwise I am a convert to their spray and love the intent and experience of the brand. Have purchased individually as well as in sets to try all the scents and really liked them all, and think most people would - they were all pretty subtle but fresh. Would definitely recommend!

a year ago

I was a huge skeptic. No natural products worked for me. I don't know why I tried this but glad I did! The lovely scent has lasted all day. I'm almost 2 weeks in. (I tried the orange). I also got the clay detox mask and body spray. Happy with all.



2 years ago

I used it a bunch of times but i found it only covered up bo for a couple hours. it smells really good - i have the white tea one - but doesn’t last. Plus the application kinda feels like sandpaper. After a few days of using it, i developed a yeast rash, which has happened with most natural deos i’ve tried.


Longer lasting!!