Chef Bombay

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Chef Bombay uses all-natural ingredients to create healthy meals.

Chef Bombay Reviews

Chef Bombay reviews


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8 reviews

6 months ago


The chicken was very tender but not too tough and there was plenty of sauce. So much authentic Indian spices in there very excellent for a frozen meal. The basmati rice also had real cumin seeds incorporated!

2 months ago

Awesome quality and good serving size!

6 months ago

I made the Mini Butter Chicken Naanpanadas as a side for the meal I cooked and thought they were great! Super filling with great flavor. I was so excited to find these in Wegmans and I'm looking forward to trying other products from this brand.

2 years ago

I love the mini veggie samosas. They taste authentic and the texture is great.


More vegan and allergen friendly options.

8 months ago

Listen, this is not going to be the best Indian food you've ever had. But it is yummy and readily available at my Kroger in the Midwest, which doesn't usually have that much diversity in the frozen food aisle. I've tried a few products and they've all been tasty and easy to cook (air fry those naanpanadas!). I know it's harder with frozen food, but I wish they had a way to include a dipping sauce with the samosas and naanpanadas.

2 years ago

I was initially attracted to the packaging and thought maybe, just maybe, this could be awesome. I bought the butter chicken and it was just ok for me. Nothing off putting just not comparable to my favorite take out spot. Branding outshines the actual product. Don't think I would purchase again.

2 years ago

Had their chicken and the veggie samosas… so good! Will definitely purchase again.

2 years ago

Works for Chef Bombay

The Butter Chicken is my go to lunch. Also the mini samosas are the best!