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Burst sells a subscription-based sonic toothbrush.

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21 days ago


I was really bummed about how quickly these crapped out. I had my first one for about a year before it stopped holding a charge at all and the same thing happened to the replacement. On the plus side, the customer service was amazing but I think the quality of the actual product needs to be improved. There are better electric toothbrushes available at this price point.


Improve product longevity

Lovely customer supportCool look & feelEasy subscription management 🔁
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2 months ago


I really like this toothbrush, the all black looks good and I dig the different modes for brushing. I also liek how it buzzes when you should switch section to brush so you can just zone out and have a pretty good teeth cleaning.


I wish they sold the toothbrush heads in packs of 3 and 5, i dont want to have to order 3 individually wrapped 1 head. and its not very eco friendly 😟

Cool look & feelWorth the money 💸
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9 months ago


For a toothbrush that is both effective and affordable, I love it. It has settings for whitening and sensitive teeth. My teeth always feel very clean after. The initial bundle comes with floss, toothpaste and whitening strips. They do a subscription model for replacement brush heads and other items which I thought I'd be annoyed with but it's been convenient for me.


I'm sure there are even better quality toothbrushes for a higher price point but this one is great for a great price. There's always discount codes online.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Travel friendly ✈️
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