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Buoy sells zero-calorie, zero-sugar hydrating wellness drops to add to any type of beverage.


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2 months ago

Finally a clean electrolyte enhancer! I've been using Buoy for about a year now. I used to use trace minerals from ConcenTrace but they were a little harder to use, didn't contain sodium so I had to add salt separately, and it made the water taste bad. Buoy's done it right. No sugar. No artificial sweeteners. And the only flavor comes from natural oils. Buoy's it for me. I don't need anything else.

2 months ago

Love! So easy and effective. No waiting for powder to dissolve, and I love adding to tea or other drinks. It’s super helpful to have the chronic illness discount since I have a medical need for electrolytes.

2 years ago

This is so cool! I keep a bottle in my purse always. The blue really is flavorless and I can mix it with everything - cans of sparkling water on the beach, cocktails on a night out, or even just my water on my way to work. Buoy really created something that will change how we access deeper hydration for the time to come!

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2 years ago

I love this product and that you can add it to any beverage as it does not have a taste. I was able to get a discount from the brand since I have a health condition that requires me to drink more water which is such an amazing thing that the brand does! I would pay full price, though, because it's that good.


I would love more flavor options for adding to water.

2 years ago

I’ve tried all the hydrating wellness drops! Super cool that you can add them to any drink. I know hydration is important but I hated all the sugars and sweeteners in other products and appreciate that Buoy doesn’t have any. I’m a daily squeezer!!

2 years ago

I love using Buoy! The flavor is non-existent in all of my drinks. I use it throughout the day, every day and have noticed a huge difference! I couldn't recommend it enough!