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Brami offers a range of Italian-inspired, plant-based products such as lupini bean pasta and dips.

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Brami Reviews

Brami reviews

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16 reviews

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2 months ago

Received a free product from Brami

I like the pasta from this brand because it comes in fun shapes and tastes just as good as it looks. I like that each serving of pasta has a good amount of protein in it.

Curly Macaroni

4 months ago

I love Brami's packaged lupini beans as a protein-packed snack or topper to my salads. They have a mild bean taste but come in innovative flavors, such as salt & vinegar and chili & lime. They are nutrient-packed. I love that Brami has continued to expand its quality offerings to the plant-based, protein-packed pasta alternative category and dips, akin to hummus. I look forward to taste testing those soon.

Lupini Beans

3 months ago

Received a free product from Brami

Loved it!! The texture is amazing and I love the protein content! I have bought this product a few times already and would buy again.

Lupini Beans

3 months ago

OK,the lemony lupini beans, I am sad I don’t have some right now. I like to eat a savory breakfast and I don’t get sweet tooth cravings. I have a salty tooth as I say. These pack protein, salt and acid. LOVE. I have a pack in my grocery order I actually need to go pick up right now!

3 months ago

These packaged beans are a unique and tasty snack! The texture was unexpected at first, a bit crunchier/harder than I thought, but overall they have good flavor and are a good protein filled snack.

Lupini Beans

9 months ago

I love Brami's lupini beans! The rosemary garlic is the best flavor. Lupini beans are fun to eat and a great snack for vegans and vegetarians (and everyone). I haven't tried their pasta yet but I'm looking forward to it.

8 months ago

omg my favorite snack. The beans are protein packed and easy to put on avo toast or salads. My favorite flavor is the chili lime but also tried the Calabrian pepper and love it!!

8 months ago

I was initially skeptical, but let me tell you, the chili and lime beans are absolutely amazing! They make for a fun and tasty travel snack that you can simply enjoy.

8 months ago

Super impressed! Best protein pasta I’ve tried yet, and by far! I think that the use of semolina in addition to the protein source, Lupini beans, allows a very real-tasting pasta and a great way to fit in protein.

10 months ago

I love the brami lupini beans. My favorite flavor is the rosemary garlic with salt & vinegar as a close 2nd. The S&V is much milder in flavor than the rosemary garlic lupini, so it's actually kind of nice to have both to snack on in a given sitting. I eat them every day when I am making my lunch b/c I am too famished to wait for my actual meal.


They are a little slimy... It's a nice texture when you're eating them, but deciding how to eat them is my biggest dilemma. When I snack on them instead of a chip, I never know if I should use a fork or a spoon or pour them into a cup... I feel weird sticking my hand in the bag.