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Brami offers a range of Italian-inspired, plant-based products such as lupini bean pasta and dips.

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Brami Reviews

4 days ago

literally so yummy and taste just like regular pasta i highly recommend with a spicy sauce

Lex C's review of Brami
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2 months ago

My roommate gave me these as a snack in a moment of pure hanger and WOW! These are already a new favorite snack of mine and I'm looking forward to trying more flavors!

Innovative productTasty 😋
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5 months ago

I like both their pasta and their snack beans. The beans are a new "keep-in-the-car-for-when-I-get-hangry" snack--it's such a healthy and whole-food form of protein that I'm happy to keep in my rotation. I'll admit, I'm a pasta snob and have only had hit-or-miss experiences with bean-based pastas. Brami's pasta is still distinguishable from regular pasta, but it has the best texture of any bean pasta that I've tried.

Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋
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6 months ago

I love lupin beans — it's amazing that they are branching out into novel products like plant-based pasta.


I think that they should make their pasta offering gluten/grain-free, since one of the huge buy-ins for protein/plant-forward pastas is this feature. The lupin snack bags are very convenient and I love the flavorings :) Much better than the jars that my family gets, however they are a little pricey! Considering how simple the offering is, the lupin snack bags are not incredibly innovative — the pasta definitely is but has room for improvement. However, it's very innovative to be introducing this incredibly nutritionally-unique bean to consumers, as it's not well known!

Tasty 😋
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