Bored Cow

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Bored Cow makes animal-free dairy milk featuring strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors.

Bored Cow Reviews

Bored Cow reviews


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6 reviews

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2 months ago

Received a free product from Bored Cow

I tried the regular flavor of this, and it's good. I like that I can drink this without worrying about animal-welfare. It works just as well in teas as regular dairy would.

Original milk

5 months ago

Bored cow has fully changed my ability to enjoy milk! As a vegan, I hadn’t had strawberry milk for years until bored cow was released. They recently changed their recipe and the milk is even more delicious! I’ve tried all the flavors and the OG and always keep some on hand

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2 months ago

Received a free product from Bored Cow

My family is obsessed and says their chocolate and strawberry milks are the best

Chocolate milkStrawberry milk

7 months ago

Love the mission, hate the taste. I got the sampler pack of all three flavors and there's just something off about all of them. I find them totally unpalatable in pretty much every application (straight, in cereal, as ice cream/milkshake, in recipes) they are just too sweet and have a very weird aftertaste that I cant put my finger on. Im a milk drinker who also enjoys non-dairy milks and this is just bad compared to either. I feel a little bad about being so harsh on this product, because I would love to support animal-free dairy, but given the choice, Id rather pay a lot less and just have oatmilk.

9 months ago

Sorry guys, I think Perfect Day is doing really great stuff in the precision fermentation field. Animal Free whey protein is something Im very curious about. And I think Brave Robot is good. But Bored Cow is not it.


Branding makes me think they're marketing to children and children will probably like it because it's sickeningly sweet.

10 months ago

Bought chocolate milk and plain and I’m loving it! I don’t really drink dairy but having the added protein in shakes is really great! The plain flavor also froths really well for coffee.