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Making books cool again? Book of the Month curates and delivers new fiction books to subscribers every month.

New York, New York
Harry Scherman
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Super fun activityWorth the money πŸ’ΈGood for gifts 🎁Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Easy subscription management πŸ”
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4 days ago

I’ve been a BOTM subscriber for over a year and it’s one of my favorite things I pay for each month - I love discovering new authors and new books, and if for some reason I don’t like their curated picks, I can pick something else from their selection or easily skip a month. It’s also a great gift for anyone in your life who loves reading!

Good for gifts 🎁Super fun activity
a month ago

I always look forward to BOTM! I have been using them for years. I am a huge reader. I even have a book instagram called @BookShelfbyLA. They have a great selection but it is heavily female-centered romance, thriller and family drama. I enjoy that you are able to preview the books and skip if the options aren't connecting to you. The add-on selection is also great and they provide funny bookmarks! The content team is very creative as their IG is one of my favorites to follow.


I would like if they had more options that would also appeal to male readers as well.

Super fun activityEasy subscription management πŸ”Worth the money πŸ’Έ
2 months ago

I'm an avid reader and after seeing BOTM all over bookstagram, I decided to check it out for myself. Fun fact: the brand initially launched as a subscription-based service in 1926! Cool to see how it evolved in this day and age. The book selections are pretty good but definitely seem to side with "trendier" books that people might be more likely to choose from. The price is definitely great, you pay much less for a hardcover book than you would at a regular bookstore. And BOTM is definitely amazing as a gift for someone else, as they offer subscription options for a few months at a time.


It would be great if there were more titles as part of the selection and I definitely think if the price for the subscription goes up any more, it wouldn't be as worth it to purchase. Overall, I see more value in gifting a subscription to someone else than buying one for yourself.

Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Easy subscription management πŸ”Good for gifts 🎁
2 months ago

I received BoM initially as a gift - but have kept the subscription going since. I trust their reviews and recommendations and have discovered a few gems via their monthly picks. Sadly, I don't have the time to read a new book each month... but they make it easy to skip.

Good for gifts 🎁
3 months ago

I got a yearly subscription to BOTM for my birthday, and it's been a fun treat to see what they select on the first of the month. I'm a HUGE reader, so it's a nice supplement to my unhealthy book buying addiction. It's hit or miss whether the monthly options are good or not - which is why it's great that they let you skip and month and have those credits roll over. I also enjoy the ability to do add-ons from their backlog - they have a tons in their library.


The selection has been sort of lame lately? I don't know if they've changed curation strategy or what, but for a while there it was hit after hit, and it hasn't been that way in a while. Because it was a gift, it's amazing to get a "free" book monthly, but I'm not sure I would pay full price for the service based on the last few month's selections.

Easy subscription management πŸ”Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Good for gifts 🎁Super fun activity
3 months ago

I've been a BOTM subscriber since 2017. For the first few years, I was highly impressed with the monthly picks. As of late, however, I've been skipping left and right, even putting my membership on pause. They used to include a lot more literary choices, but I think have scaled back in favor of books that might be more popular with the average reader.


Bring back your curator! Or, re-strategize how you select your monthly picks. Also, I'll be turned off if they increase the prices any higher. For $10/month, it was an incredible deal. I think now the membership is $15/month, but if it goes any higher, it's the same price as buying a new hardcover book from the store.

Lovely customer supportAmazing websiteEasy subscription management πŸ”Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Good for gifts 🎁