Book of the Month

    Icey I 1 Review

    3 months ago

    I think the idea is actually great, but I think the outcome is terrible. Let me explain, so you get to pick a book every month from a selection of books, but don’t worry if there’s not a book that you seem to like then you can get a credit to add a book the next month. These credits do expire, and you can’t use them unless you have an active subscription. THEN let’s say every month the selection sucks, and you want to cancel but have all these credits and have other books picked out….here’s the kicker….you have to pick a BOTM in order to ship those other books. 🥲 I might just cut my losses and pick a book so I can just cancel with all my creds. Whoever is curating only seems to like thrillers/psychological, mysteries right now, and the other books from previous months were a little too “liberal” (that’s the only way to really describe it) for my taste. I just don’t like my books always having to highlight politics….I want an escape from this world, not living, reading, and breathing politics.