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Boody makes high-quality, soft everyday clothing essentials using organic bamboo.


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3 months ago

The softest and most comfortable basics that you can get. The bamboo material feels cool on the skin and offeres comfortable support

4 months ago

Great range of sustainable underwear, loungewear and apparel basics. Everything I’ve purchased has lasted really well and been incredibly comfortable. Their weekend shorts and downtime pants are my wfh staples. My husband also loves their boxer shorts and only buys from them now because of how comfortable they are.

9 months ago

You'll never have enough. Plus, removable tags! I have always wondered if 'Boody' was a play on 'body' or 'booty' though? Have purchased multiple clothing items since early 2021. I typically reserve my purchases to be part of my Christmas presents every year and have even ordered some as presents for others. The fit is always nice and comfortable, the material is soft. As always I'm in between sizes but still fit fine (no falling down/off situations occurring though). They have a quite broad range, that only seems to grow (particularly for underwear and love that they offer the nude selection). Family members of different sizes have tried and liked their core underwear range also. Items purchased include- various briefs, bralettes, tank, socks, weekend joggers (underwear- tried the different fabrics and most of the styles- lyolyte good but my least favourite currently) *Favourites: ribbed seamless bra, cami bralette, midi brief, classic bikini, boot socks were incredibly comfy & the thickness under foot is a great feeling, I'm a sucker for reward programs and Boody have a decent one compared to other brands. I like that the box it comes in has a reseal option so returning is a breeze. Customer service are always delightful and prompt, seem to take on feedback well, investigate and resolve any concern. Only minor issues to report- joggers did not fit me so returned, a lyolyte underwear did not last long- seam came apart, triangle bralette had short straps/did not align with size guide (Boody altered the design and I still wear original), pretty much every time I order everyday ankle socks they don't have any or sold out after I've ordered, socks don't stay up as much as others. (Listed were managed and responded well by the customer service so good outcomes) Wishlist items to purchase in future for myself include: trialing their period-proof underwear (although I'm rather attached to my existing brand), shorts, probably bodysuit, ankle socks, potentially try downtime crop pant


For purchasers: - The material for most products is thinner than you expect judging from the pictures if that is something you care about -As a sustainable brand they don't offer sales that frequently so join their reward program for some discounts. Although they have been doing more in the past year (e.g. green Friday instead of black Friday), have seen some more sales around spring time for activewear, boxing day -Remember to give a review to earn points/coins as part of reward program (always wish you had when you go to make your next purchase) For Boody: -Allow discount codes while still applying rewards programs discounts -Suggest boyshort options -Consider variation in thickness of underwear available and for sleepwear. -Petite length sizes for pants, etc. -You are more shade inclusive than other companies but could expand sizes to be more size inclusive