Bondi Boost

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Bondi Boost makes a range natural, daily hair products.

Bondi Boost Reviews

Bondi Boost reviews


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4 reviews

3 months ago

I used the Curl Boss Shampoo and Conditioner and the Intensive Spray. The shampoo and conditioner are okay, but not the best shampoo and conditioner for curl care that I've used. The intensive spray didn't make a noticeable difference for me.

6 months ago

If you are used to foaming and silky chemicals, it might take some time to get used to this. Makes your hair feel quite rough, however, it does feel 'healthier' than a lot of traditional brands. Ok overall. There are better brands out there that have clean ingredients.

a year ago

Received a free product from Bondi Boost

my FAVORITE hair care line!! absolutely the best products!


I was struggling with dry and damaged hair until trying bondi boost my hair is now completely transformed!!

a year ago

I'm at a 3.5 with the rating — tried this bc I've been using the vegamour serum but wanted to double down with a shampoo/conditioner combo too. At first I thought I would return it actually. My first couple of washes my hair was almost crunchy after. Not damaged crunchy, but like hair gel crunchy. I think my scalp/hair was getting used to it, because I've been using it about a month now and really love the way my hair feels. I don't think my hair is fuller or longer necessarily, but it definitely has more volume and doesn't get greasy as quickly.