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Bobbie, a mom-founded brand, makes organic infant formula for babies with a recipe inspired by breast milk.

Bobbie Reviews

Bobbie reviews


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6 reviews

17 days ago

IF I COULD GIVE THIS COMPANY SIX STARS I WOULD. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ So for the full story I had a baby during the formula shortages and coming from a family where almost all the women had production issues I knew I was going to have to try out different formulas. We tried a number of different brands and luckily are a little one took to them without much fus. My preference was already made liquid ones so that every batch was made exactly the same no matter who made it since I know some family members had heaping scoops versus level scoops etc. Well I ordered their sample can set a while before the shortage and then when the shortage happened i started panicking because the liquid brand I had been buying was no longer available anywhere and the management at this brand made a public announcement that any customer no matter how big or how small I would get priority for future shipments. The entire rest of the time that my little one was on formula he was on Bobbie the canisters came well packaged. There was communication. I love that the brand was trying to increase awareness etc. And the mailing to your door during covet and shortage time was absolutely appreciated. On a side note, the boxes can be reused for storing different things since it has multiple different compartments. I was getting my shipments before they had their deal with carrying in store at Target. Personally, I had seen reviews that the formula smelled a little fishy and I agreed. I remember reading why it's smelled that way. Something about one of the healthy things in it, but again my little one didn't seem to care and grew up in the 90th percentile on it. For their open communication and dedication to customers during a time of absolute panic for young parents, I 100% would support this company in the future and suggest them to my friends.

5 months ago

We have been using bobbie since my child was born. The customer service and deication they have to their customers is incredible. During the shortage, they stopped taking orders to make sure that we, the loyal customers had enough to feed our kids. Truly an incredible product and company.

7 months ago

Our baby was happy with Bobbie formula, and I am so thankful they were available at Target because we could quickly order more when needed. We eventually switched over to Holle Bio formula because it was the only formula I found that didn't smell like fish oil.

a year ago

BOBBIE is the best!!! I subscribed to Bobbie in February 2022 when sadly I could no longer nurse my son and other formulas were not agreeing with him or causing constipation. Bobbie makes a great formula that he honestly took to almost as well as breast milk.


I will say some of the marketing is offensive. I do not like how they have illustrations of boobs or odd language. I did not let it bother me though. A couple of my sons daycare teachers mentioned it when I took canisters to daycare.

2 years ago

I have supplemented with Bobbie since my baby was born. She has never had any issues with the formula, and I feel good about giving her something that has high quality ingredients.

a year ago

We loved Bobbie! This was the best switch for our twins from nursing to formula. The subscription model was phenomenal- fast, free shipping, never ran out during formula shortages. Customer service is amazing to get ahold of and so friendly. Will ALWAYS suggest this to new moms. Wholesome, good ingredients from a women owned company with a drive to support moms with mastectomies.