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Beam makes all-natural, nontoxic supplements for better sleep, energy, recovery, and hydration.

Boston, Massachusetts
Kevin Moran
Matt Lombardi
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About Beam
Beam creates the highest quality functional supplements for better balance, energy, recovery and sleep.
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Beam is a decent CBD/hemp brand. I had a chance to try them in April 2020 as they offered me a healthcare provider discount which was very generous. They market their products for the active, athletic type. By far, my favorite product of theirs is their Dream (sleep cocoa mix) - add it to dairy alternative or milk and it works like magic. If money is not an issue, then I would for sure recommend the Dream cocoa mix. The other positive customer service and support of healthcare providers.


Since they market to the athletes and active folks, they get away with little scientific rigor to their product. The presumption is you already are "aware" and just want to join the cool kids club! I would consider myself a hemp extract/CBD expert and their "nano" CBD formulations are not scientifically validated to increase absorption nor clinically see an effect. In fact, no "nano" CBD formulations have done their rigorous testing in this regard. The tincture was iffy; I've had better. I didn't notice anything special. The price point is also too high, I guess to make up for the celebrities like Baker Mayfield and other influencers they have to pay.

Lovely customer support
6 months ago

I’ve been using beam Dream Powder occasionally for about 4 months now. My whoop data shows pretty substantial evidence that when I have beam my RHR decreases (6.9%) and HRV increases (15.5%). This data doesn’t differentiate other factors that may contribute to my recovery statistics and what is truly caused by beam. It definitely knocks me out, but I usually don’t have a hard time falling asleep. As far as how my sleep quality is impacted, I don’t feel the difference even though the numbers are telling me there’s a difference.


Branding is clever, attractive, and trendy. Customer service is okay, kind but not super helpful in terms of making things right. Smaller offerings of the capsule would be nice, I don’t always want a whole cup the cocoa, although in the winter it is quite lovely.

Fun unboxing 📦Amazing website
6 months ago

I tried Beam in December of 2019--a sublingual and a capsule at different times. Didn't get much out of either. Their Austin pop-up was quite nice, and I appreciated their community efforts.


I didn't feel effects, leading me to believe that the potency is weaker than advertised.

Has no effect 🤷
7 months ago