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Back to the Roots sells organic plants and gardening supplies.

Back To The Roots Reviews

Back To The Roots reviews


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3 months ago

Received a free product from Back To The Roots

There was a point when this review almost went the other way. When I attempted to grow the mushrooms, I soon noticed wispy fuzz on the growing material. In a couple days, this escalated to mold spots -- not what I wanted to grow! I quickly reached out via email to Back to the Roots customer support to ask what happened. A representative quickly responded, asking for a photo to help identify the problem. A second email that came soon afterward contained profusely apologizes and an assurance that another kit would arrive within a couple days. True to its word, Back to the Roots had another kit at my home two days later. I followed the instructions again, and within days, I was pleased to see mushrooms beginning to develop as expected. I was stunned with how quickly they grew, and I felt a sense of accomplishment in having grown them myself. The instructions were easy to follow and contained recipe ideas for cooking the harvested mushrooms. My yield was of many small mushrooms, and half ended up in a chicken rice and mushroom dish that turned out very tasty!

a month ago

They are an amazing company. I love their seeds and mushroom kits.

10 months ago

This is great for an above ground garden that can be packed up and put away during the winter! This is my second summer using it and growing veggies and herbs and I just emptied it out and put it away over the winter