Baby Brezza

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Baby Brezza sells a line of innovative baby products and accessories.

Baby Brezza Reviews

Baby Brezza reviews


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4 reviews

9 months ago

Agree with the other reviewers: A godsend. If you calculate the hours (days?) saved not having to listen to a crying hungry baby thanks to Baby Brezza, then this is a no-brainer. P.S. Thank you Melissa for the best hand-me-down <3

10 months ago

I got a formula pro advanced on super sale. I would not have paid full price. That being said it is AMAZING. It makes making a bottle so easy and mindless. Can’t count in the middle of the night trying to figure out how many scoops? No problem. Press a button and you have the perfect amount in 10 seconds warmed to your baby’s preference of temp. I wish they had a travel size! My baby knows the sound and gets so excited that it’s time for milk! The only annoying part is having the clean the parts every 4 bottles.

a year ago

We would be (even more) lost if we didn’t have the Baby Brezza the first year of our sons life! Holy grail if your little one is on formula. Just wish they made a travel size (which they might by now since our son has been on 2% milk for a year now).

a year ago

Love. Love. Couldn't/wouldn't live without. Where was this Godsend with my first two boys? ALWAYS perfect temperature. ALWAYS perfect formula to water dispensing and mixing. Very easy to clean. My new "go to" mommy gift. Worth every penny.


The manual covers literally every formula brand by specific type (even off brands" for precise one touch bottle making in those trying times that baby's patience hasn't developed and mom (or dad) is going on little to no sleep.