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AYR makes timeless essential clothing items.

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AYR reviews


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10 reviews

2 years ago

I have so many of their clothes. I love their button down basics and the Jaguar Legs jeans are my favorite color jeans!

2 years ago

Jacs jeans - the blue skinny ones - are *chef’s kiss* perfection

3 years ago

Really expensive basics. The tailoring was hit or miss.


Like many clothing websites, it’s really difficult to understand the fit on different body types. For this price, I would hope there was more assistance before committing to the investment

3 years ago

I love my AYR black jeans - they’re high-quality, can easily be styled casually or professionally and extremely comfortable.


I did purchase my jeans in person at the AYR store in Venice, which helped me determine my size. I needed a size smaller than what I would have ordered online had I not tried in person however.

a year ago

I'm a buy it for life kind of girl. I'm always on the hunt for the best in every item category and when it comes to button down shirts, the AYR Deep End shirt is it. I love the oversized fit, oxford fabric and large pocket. It feels timeless, classic, relaxed, and unfussy. I was between sizes, but decided to size down to a small. It fits perfectly. There is no gaping at the chest and the length is long enough to tuck in. I can't wait to buy more of them.

2 years ago

I have a ton of clothing from AYR, from which I've grabbed my favorite pair of jeans (ever), as well as great tees and button-downs.

6 months ago

I purchased three pairs of pants - two jeans in different styles and a pair of slacks. Knowing these were all marked down and marked final sales, I was very careful to reading the sizing guides for each and to take my measurements. Shocked to receive them and find that none of the pants fit and were all smaller in the waist than a prior pair purchased that was marked as a literal size smaller than them. Support has refused to rectify the situation with a replacement or site credit.

7 months ago

Prepare to lose your money. If I could give zero stars, I would. I purchased two sizes of The Deep End Big Dipper because I didn't know what size would work best. As a cancer survivor with a recent mastectomy, I need button downs tops because I'm unable to pull things over my head. It turned out that both sizes were two big. The company suggested a UPS drop box location for my return. Because it wasn't a store, there is no written proof that I actually dropped off my return. Somehow it was either stolen, not picked up, or not scanned into the system. It's gone. Neither UPS nor AYR wants to help or resolve the situation. I was told by UPS, that since AYR is the account holder, it is their responsibility to work to resolve the situation. UPS will not work with the consumer in the situation. AYR wants me to figure it out myself. 320$ gone.

9 months ago

I loved my "bomb Pop" jeans at first, they fit well and stylish. However I have not had these more than 2 years and they have been falling apart with pilling and almost to the point of a hole near the seam. I washed in cold on delicate and NEVER put these in the dryer. The quality they speak of is just not there in my opinion. I have dozens of other designer jeans and never have I worn a pair out. Think twice before buying

2 years ago

I was very excited about this brand, simple basics that were reasonably priced and perfect for my basic wardrobe basics. Sadly, I found out the quality was poor quality, that they do not stand behind.


I bought a striped crewneck t-shirt, after three wears and three washes with non scented gentle detergent with like clothing, the shirt had several tiny wholes. I contacted AYR and they did not want to offer replacement product or accept return, I also purchased a pair of the "pop" jean and a white shirt in this order.