Aimé Leon Dore

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Simple yet powerful design? Aimé Leon Dore makes luxury streetwear

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New York, New York
Teddy Santis
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Aimé Leon Dore Reviews

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LuxuryHigh qualityCool look & feelEveryday wearWorth the money 💸
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6 days ago

This brand makes some pretty cool products, but it doesn't do much to stand out for me at the price point. Their basics and solid colored products are great but so expensive

LuxuryEveryday wearHigh quality
16 days ago

Obviously this brand has a lot of street cred and does a great job marketing, but most of the products are overpriced basics with the logo or name placed on it. Not worth the money.


More reasonably proced

High qualityLuxuryCool look & feelEveryday wearAthleisureGood for gifts 🎁
a month ago

Love the quality of their clothes, the creativity in their campaigns, and overall aesthetic of their NY store. Shout out to their iced freddo espresso as one of my favorites!


Would love some smaller sizes (for the ladies that like to wear mens!) and wish it wouldn't sell out so fast!

Cool look & feelLuxuryHigh qualityWorth the money 💸
2 months ago

Love this brand and how they embrace their roots, it's refreshing. Love the capsule collections they come up with, especially with Porsche and BMW.


Some clothing with thinner fabrics so I can wear them in hotter weather.

Cool look & feelLove the brand's mission 💕Worth the money 💸