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Act + Acre creates clean, plant-based hair care products using the cold process method.

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North America
January 2019
New York, New York
Helen Reavey
Colm Mackin
Rachel Conlan
Certified Climate Neutral through Climate Partner., Leaping Bunny,
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After a few months I think I finally understood how to use my products to work for me- but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner. For reference I have thick Asian hair. The scalp detox and dry shampoo was awesome and highly recommend using. However, The shampoo and conditioner for the amount needed for my hair was not worth the cost associated. I’ve watched the instructions and the founder used a tiny dollop of shampoo and conditioner - but I understand for her hair (thin, light bodied) that that would be enough. When going by her instructions I felt like my hair was unwashed and my hair would get so webby it was really hard to look at my hair - after going a little bit more liberal with the amount, I finally felt like it was getting washed and nurtured. But clearly with the liberal amount, I went through a full-sized bottle within two months. The cost wasn’t worth the amount for me even though I finally learned how to enjoy the shampoo + conditioner - which is unfortunate. If you’re hair is on the thinner side, I would recommend, because it really is a luxurious experience, but otherwise, I would recommend trying other brands.

5 months ago

The Cold Processed Scalp Detox is innovative and worth the money. However, I found the Shampoo and Conditioner quality and bottling to not be worthwhile. The pumps that arrived didn't really function well. They screwed on a bit off-centered and just looked cheap. The pumps were also difficult to get all of the product out of the small containers. I ended up just having to remove the pump and keep the container upside down to make sure that could use up every last bit of product.


New bottle design. It would work so much nicer as a squeeze tube with a bottom opening.

6 months ago

I didn't realize that my hair products weren't working for me until I read about Act + Acre and thought "oh, there's something that can do that???" My scalp and hair is so much happier after using the scalp detox, cleanse, and conditioner for a year. They also have great content and education and I have a better understanding of my scalp/hair health.


More information on sustainability and using more sustainable packaging. I also went to the NYC brick and mortar a couple times during the posted business hours and it was just...closed. That was disappointing because I was really excited to go in person and I needed more products.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸
6 months ago

I use the scalp detox oil which smells amazing, but I can't say that it's really effective as there are still leftover flaky patches when I use them on my husband. Great sensorial experience though.

6 months ago

Finally got around to trying this and my hair feels so much better right away. Really love the cleanse and conditioner right now and excited to try the other products.

Cool look & feelSmells amazingLuxury
7 months ago

Obsessed with this! It's so great for all different hair types - long curly and thin toddler hair and smells amazing.

Innovative productCool look & feelSmells amazingEco-friendly packagingLove the brand's mission 💕
8 months ago

I recently purchased the shampoo & conditioner and am loving it. I'm typically about that unscented life, but the subtle (and wonderful) scent of the products does not bother me. My scalp is often irritated and feels better after just a few washes. The packaging was also on point and included a few extras. I'll be purchasing the refills when I run out!

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Smells amazingLuxury
2 months ago

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