January 25th, 2024:

This week in tabs: Here's what's new in commerce and culture

Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch beauty icon, has officially entered the world of skincare. She has joined Sonsie, a vegan and cruelty-free skincare company, as cofounder and owner. Sonsie currently offers 3 products, including a moisture mask, serum, and lip balm. The brand plans to introduce more products in the spring, including Anderson's "secret weapons," which she has started to tease on social media.

Sanzo, the Asian-inspired sparkling water brand, has opened a new investment round that has already raised $5 million. They plan to expand distribution into new regions of the United States, and ultimately want to raise $8 million to fuel this expansion. I personally love Sanzo's sparkling water, and I'd like to see them become a staple in grocery stores.

Move over Sambazon...a new acai bowl has entered the market. Sweet Nothings acai bowls have launched nationwide in Sprouts Farmers Market. These bowls are said to be organic and made with no added sugar. Frozen acai bowls seem to be very hit or miss, so I'm interested to see how these will hold up against competitors.

Our Place, the beloved cookware company, is conquering the appliance market with its new Splendor Blender. Does it kind of look like a lantern? A little bit! But it's much cuter than a Ninja blender, and I'd love to see how these two compare.

Have a fabulous week Thingtesters!