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Xero Shoes makes a range of comfortable, minimalist shoes.



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9 months ago

I bought a pair of Prio after some foot troubles I thought may be related to my running shoes. I am not and have never been a barefoot runner or used any similar footwear. That transition was an extremely odd experience. I can't compare Xero to other shoes or brands meant for barefoot running, but compared to the Asics Kayano that I normally wear, they seem to be just as sturdy and durable. I don't wear use them as often as I did when I first purchased them because I do prefer a cushioned shoe, but in terms of customer service, style, my experience, and brand reputation, if I did want to buy another pair of barefoot shoes I would shop with Xero first.

a year ago

Some excellent barefoot shoes to improve foot health and foot strength. They're products cater to a range of activities from running to hiking to water sports. They're reasonably priced although outside of the US, a limited range of products are available unless you're willing to pay a hefty delivery/returns fee. I currently use the Xero Genesis and Colorado products.


A wider range of Xero products on a European or UK based platform would be preferred.