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Wild delivers sustainable and natural deodorants that last 24 hours and are single-use plastic, aluminum, and cruelty-free.

Wild Reviews

Wild reviews


55% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Reusable and sustainable packaging
  • Variety of pleasant scents
  • Quick and reliable delivery
  • Affordable and high-value product
  • Casing prone to jamming
  • Some scents overly strong
  • Ineffective customer service
  • Product waste due to design

Wild has been well-received for its eco-friendly and sustainable practices, great scents, and quick delivery. However, some customers have had issues with the product casing jamming or peeling, strong smells, and ineffective customer service.

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57 reviews

5 months ago

I was hesitant to try but I LOVE this deodorant. The price point is great. It’s sustainable. I don’t stink lmao. The reusable container is actually easy to deal with. Big big fan!

4 months ago

Short version: Greenwashing and tokenism. Useless customer service. Product is ineffective and potentially harmful to the skin long term. Sustainability is only for show. Long version: Buckle in. I have a lot to say. Wild is unhelpful and doesn’t accommodate disabled customers. I signed up for the subscription service at the checkout, was charged but then was unable to create an account due to the error on their end and hence unable to control my subscription. Customer service kept asking me to click various links they were sending me, with no result, and even after I explained that this causes me a lot of physical pain (had awful chronic RSI) they insisted I keep clicking. In the end they told me they can’t fix the issue and I have to email them every single time I want access to my subscription status and they will alter it for me from their end. At the time, my disability made it difficult for me to do so. I was in a lot of pain using my hands, couldn’t hold my phone, etc. I expressed that, but nobody wanted to be helpful or offer an alternative. I can think of a minimum of 3 different ways this could have been resolved and I asked if that would be possible but was brushed off. After several hours of hassle and awful pain, I asked to cancel the subscription and got my order refunded. And the deodorant? For whatever reason the sensitive version is not available in stores. But it’s the only one worth trying whether you have sensitive skin or not. The regular version has a ph of 8. It’s hard to believe Wild has any official background in skincare formulation. Well, do they? Repeated application of something so alkaline is bound to disrupt the skin lipid barrier over time. It doesn’t matter how natural something is if it wasn’t formulated well. Replacing your commercial deodorant with this simply means falling for the greenwash. Don’t believe me? Skip websites with no scientific credentials. Look up official medical trial articles. High ph doesn’t belong on your skin unless you rinse it off like you do with soap. Hard to believe this market is so unregulated. The days of universities are over. Anyone can make and sell skin and body care these days. The environmental aspect? All cool and dandy if you do it on your end. Buy a case, refill it until the end of days. However, they don’t allow new customers to get certain cases, they want you to buy it on top of the regular case, they release limited edition cases to tempt you, etc. On top of that, you can’t just buy a single refill (that’s how much I need for a full year because I don’t sweat much), you are forced to buy 3 and they don’t come in proper packaging, deodorant is constantly exposed to oxygen - there are even stories of it growing mould while it was still new and best before. Heck, even beat before is absent from the packaging. They say - blah blah months since opening, but technically because of the continuous exposure to oxygen, it’s been open the entire time, possibly months in the warehouse before it reached me. Many people stop using Wild altogether because it often just doesn’t work, and you end up with a case, or two - designed to be incompatible with other brands. I will just sit patiently waiting for a different refillable product and until then - potassium alum (rock crystal) deodorant is my natural zero waste friend.

4 months ago

I love love love using Wild, not only is the packaging stunning and the smell amazing, but they’re also eco friendly! What more could you ask for in a deodorant?

a month ago

Great product but for the price I'm a little disappointed with the waste of product left in applicator refill when it can't push up anymore. A good 1/4 of product left in refill that can't be used.. Do better

2 months ago

To start, I have been using this deodorant for over a month now and I absolutely love it. For starts, my armpits have been sensitive since I got really bad heat rash as a kid and have now noticed in my adult life that commercial deodorants hurt to use after awhile. So, I saw a few advertisements for this deodorant and after extensive research, I gave it a try. It came in a very compact packaging, which is always nice. I got the sensitive skin Coconut and vanilla, which isn't really my scent, but it smells amazing none the less. After my body adjusted to the natural deodorant, I only have to apply once a day in the morning and can still smell a bit of it by the end of the day. I apply twice a day (once in the morning, once after a shower) and it's lasting longer than advertised for me (supposed to just last a month but I'm only a third through it.) The formula also applies smoothly and easily. Over all, I do not smell, my armpits are decently dry for a non-antipersperant, and it even kept the smell at bay while my body was adjusting, which is known to be the time in which you smell the worst. Now, for the reasons I docked down a star. First, they do not have good tracking when shipping to the US. I live in a dorm, which means I have to go to the front office to get all my packages. I barely knew when it came in and only got it when getting another package. I emailed customer service to see if they could give me an estimate when their website would not, and they didn't even seem to have read my email and just thought I was trying to figure out when my next subscription was going to ship. Second, I don't like how it forces you to order 3 refills at a time. Again, as someone who lives in the US, the refills are not sold in local stores, so I have to order. Having a stash would be fine except the packaging is not air-tight and I live in a humid area so I'm afraid that they might mold and I will have wasted product and money. So, it would be nice if they changed that so I could just keep one refill on me at a time. Thirdly, the design of the refills and case results in wasted formula when you get to the end, which is wasteful. I haven't ended up at the end of mine, but according to others, to try and used the good amount left at the bottom is difficult and extremely messy. Finally, the normal formula has a pH of 8. This high of pH would be fine if it was soap, but for deodorant to be that alkalinic can cause problems like dry skin and irritation because it can weaken the skin's acid mantle, remove too much of the natural oil on your skin, and kill the good bacteria that helps protect your skin. It's strange that the formula is even backed by dermatologists. The sensitive skin has a pH of 4-6, which is the recommended pH for deodorant. And the sensitive skin works just as well as the normal. But, despite this, I will still be trying a normal one on my already usually dry and sensitive skin so I can give a full review at some point. I know there has been people use the normal formula for years with no problem, so it depends on your body I guess. Overall, I do think it's a good product for me, and I like that it's zero plastic. It doesn't work for everyone, but rarely does anything. The company just needs to work on the problem of their website, inner workings, and product design. Especially since there is several different designs that would be an easy solution that would fix the third problem I mentioned.

5 months ago

The concept is nice but the case got jammed after only one refill and not able to use to use this product anymore. Will not be buying again

9 months ago

I've been using Wild for about a month now -- I never thought applying deodorant could be a luxe experience! I've never liked the cardboard tubes that are popular for sustainable deodorant. The metal case is supreme and the twist mechanism is the classic stick deodorant experience that I expect. Plus the deodorant is effective. No complaints from any noses.

10 months ago

I love this deodorant, but it definitely doesn’t have any antiperspirant effects, so keep that in mind. I love the reusable case. Have had it for probably 3 years.

2 years ago

The brand says it can take some people two weeks to transition to using natural deodorant which is a long time to feel stinky for. I gave it about a month, but after not seeing any improvement I decided this didn't work for me. I would say I'm a moderately sweaty person and this experiment made me realise that I do need to use an anti-perspirant.


The case felt a bit flimsy, like it might break. The scents are really nice but not as strong as other deodorant brands.

2 years ago

I like the scents and low-waste mission


Broke after trying to replace the deodorant, but the customer service team was great

9 months ago

Only be using Wild for a few months. The deodorants having just the right amount of scent to them, you can smell all levels of notes that have been used. The travel size is also the perfect addition to any bag/purse The soap had a very faint smell, couldn't smell much past the actual smell of soap which was a disappointment. The shampoo bars felt like I was washing my hair with a soap bar, very tough and felt dry afterwards. It wasn't as easy as it should have been to run my fingers through my hair

a year ago

Invested in Wild

I don't even know where to start. I tried ALL from the beginning. It was a roll on then the reusable was an amazing concept. Problem : high sensitivity skin should bypass this. My last purchase of wild was in 2020 while I was in Portugal and it gave me a rash so bad that I slept with arnica and gel packs on my armpits for 24 hours

9 months ago

I wanted to like this, I love an ecofriendly product, but I just didn't. The scents weren't for me, the formula is very creamy which means it runs out faster than some others, and I just don't think it kept me from being stinky for very long unfortunately. Definitely didn't last 24 hours for me, or even more than 4-8 hours.

3 years ago

I use the deodorant but not quite like the texture and it is not easy to apply. I like that it is refillable, but probably won't repurchase.

6 months ago

I love the deodorant itself but the casing means you waste A LOT unless you manually remove it and get it all over yourself, any decorative (ie not plain metal) case starts to peel and get everywhere, and the applicators are really good at jamming up - my husband and I had two cases each and all 4 have had the issue. I’ve resorted to using the tiny travel versions. Also some of the smells are just too strong and give me a headache.

7 months ago

I love that the deodorant is natural and sustainable, and the smells are heavenly! That being said, its not easy to deliver to the US (at least at the time I bought it) so ended up looking for something easier to buy.

9 months ago

Great concept and, a reasonable price. Some scents are questionable however there are plenty to choose from. Negatives: I do have to keep repairing my container as it keeps falling apart. I find it very messy and stains my clothes.

10 months ago

These deodorants are WILD! I’m actually obsessed with this brand! All the scents are Lush and I love the fact they’re natural and i’m not putting harmful chemicals on my body🫶🏽💖 I do think they need more masculine scents though!

a year ago

Received a free product from Wild

I love the concept of Wild and the packaging in beautiful! At the start of using this product I found it to be quite effective, however I have noticed that it is not doing the best job as a deodorant. Otherwise than that they do smell amazing but are not super functional as a deodorant.